Lippy Awards! Top 5!

Well well ladies, I bet we all just loooooooove lipsticks! Today I am here to show you some of my faves from pinks to nudes to reds and then swatches will be below! Cool? Cool!

So first off we have my favorite pink lipstick! This one is Sephora's long lasting Lippys in 08! and let me tell you that they just stick and they really long lasting as well as they smell great! 

Next we have my favorite dark purple lipstick which is Revlon's Color Burst Lipstick in 015 Grape. These Lipsticks just glide on and are full of color! Love! 

Then we have my favorite maroon-ish colored lipstick which is by NYX in the number 624 Hope. This color is just gorgeous for a night out! It was one of the first few Lipsticks that I got! 

And now we have my favorite nude lipstick from Lancome. Its from their Le Rouge Absolu in the color "Rose Petal". These lipsticks give a very nice glow and go with any type of makeup! 

Lastly, we have my fave red lipstick from MAC! This one is in Russian Red! I love this because its the perfect matte lippy that is perfect for a night out! and its definitely build-able from a bright red to a dark bloody red! Perfect! 


A giveaway for a New You!!

Hello Lovelies! 

I am here with yet another awesome giveaway! The holidays are upon us and I really wanted to gift my fans something awesome, but I also wanted them to choose! So below, you will find 7 prizes (Just because 7 is my fave number :D) comment under the posts with what you want! and make sure that you fill in the rafflecopter!

Giveaway #1 

The December Glambox 
If you want to see what's in it then check out the video here

Giveaway #2

Benefit Goodies! 

Giveaway #3

Sephora Must-Haves

Giveaway #4

Ponds' skincare goodies

Giveaway #5

Nail Kit (Sally Hansen Nail polishes and Nail care box)

Giveaway #6

Jennifer Lopez Perfume "Glowing" - I have 2 of those to giveaway! 

Giveaway #7
Neutrogena Goodies! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sephora does it again!

If you were one of the few who were in Dubai Mall on the 4th and 5th, and saw the awesome light show put together by Sephora, then you are one of the lucky few!!! 

Those who were there were mesmerized by Sephora's captiviating 3D light projection over Souk Al Bahar at Dubai Mall. The surprise show took place after each fountain show in the evenings! 

I was seriously amazed by it! It is just so freaking cool! Wish I was there though :( but if you are unlucky like me, then just check out the video below! 

Till later loves! xx 

Yet another gift idea!

Are you crunched for time? Did you completely forget to buy a gift for someone you care about? You can't find the perfect gift for that person? If you answered yes to any of the above then keep reading! ;) 

Its no secret that gift cards to anything make the perfect gift for someone who you think has everything! But what about having a gift card to a healthier lifestyle?  KCAL Healthy Fast Food's newly launched gift cards for meal plans is your answer! With the New Year coming up, a lot of people are wanting to look and feel good ;) 

The gift card is the perfect present for someone who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle or who is always complaining they don't have the time to cook ( we all know such a person, don't we?) 

UNE Mascara! Its really número uno!

Recently I received an UNE mascara on my doorstep so I've been trying it for the past few weeks! And I honestly didn't think that I would like it! and I was right! I'm in LOVE with it!! Keep in mind the fact that its 100% natural and organic, which is awesome! Also, I love the fact that its very light when used yet gives awesome volume and defines the lashes perfectly. I find it to be perfect for usage during the day-time because it gives such a natural dramatic look! (It makes sense in my head). What I like the most about it is the fact that its odorless and doesn't make my lashes clumpy and hard at the end of the day! So its definitely a love love love for me!

After one coat application! 
The awesome UNE mascara! 


Lancaster 2.0

I love love love Lancaster's sun protection range! Just check out the reviews that I previously did!! So when I received an email about their kids range I was soooo happy because I'm always looking for a good SPF for when I take my baby brother and cousins to the pool! Their products smell amazing, are very effective and invisible! Keeping you protected without looking like a ghost!

They have two types of SPF, a mist for the body and a cream for the face and and and they are sooo creamy!
Next time you are heading out to the beach, don't forget to pack this SPF with you ;) for you and your

Till next time!

Opinionated Girl xx 

Moisturizers of the Month: My Daily Routine!

Like any Beauty Blogger I am fascinated by anything that I can put on my face and that doesn't exclude Skincare! I love experimenting and trying out new brands and products! I'm going to keep it sweet and short and tell you what Moisturizers I use for Day and Night! 

I absolutely love Benefit's Total Moisture Facial Cream! This cream not only completely moisturizes, but it also smells divine! Its like wearing perfume on your face, making it perfect for day use! After applying this, I can honestly say that my face feels refreshed! and its soooo light that it wont ruin your make-up when you apply if you want to re-moisturize. 

When I first tried it, I wasn't so sure about using the all new Philosophy's Hope in a Jar - Night; I felt it was too thick and creamy to be applied, but retrying it, I figured that I was my fault for applying a large amount. This is one of those products where you can say "a little goes a long way". After applying this, I woke and my face was soft as a baby's! Although, I'm not a big fan of the smell (it doesn't smell bad, but it doesn't smell good either) yet the product definitely delivered its moisturizing task! 

Hope you lovelies enjoyed this post! 

Opinionated Girl xx 

Ideas for "Him".. Opinionated Girl to the Rescue!!

So Lovelies I am back with another post about some Christmas gift ideas, but this time, its for Men! You're welcome ladies!

Well, if you ever bought a gift for a guy, you would know how difficult it is and just how picky they are! so my go to solution is always a perfume! But even then, there are sooooo many options in stores, so I'm here to help you pick the perfect gift for your man 

1) Calvin Klein's Euphoria: For the powerful, classy and sexy man ;) 
This perfume is a classic! you can NEVER EVER go wrong buying this! and what's better is that they released this set which makes an absolute perfect present! 

2) Bottega Veneta pour Homme: For the self-confident, masculine, and an enchanting man! 
This perfume is fresh, yet a sensuous leathery understated note. Its woody, with a distinctive scent of of precious Labdanum and Bergamot! 

3) Guess Night: For the young, trendy, seductive and energetic man
This perfume is perfect for a night out on the town with notes of grapefruit, hot pepper and cedar! while the base consists of patchouli and black vanilla! Can you say yummy? .

Have a very Merry Christmas! 

Opinionated Girl xx 

Ideas for "Her" -- Opinionated Girl to the rescue!

The Festive season is upon us and that means one thing: Endless time at the store trying to pick presents for your loved ones! Opinionated Girl to the rescue!

I've been getting a lot of promotions and new releases themed  just for the holidays and today I will make your life easier by selecting my favorites! These will be based on Quality of the product, packaging and price! I will start with a "Her" suggestions, and next week I will post a "Him" post! 

First off we have some of Marc Jacobs newly released beauty line, and boy oh boy do I love all the products! You can read about my wishlist here (in-case you feel like getting me a present ;)). These would make a wonderful gift for women aged 40 years and younger. And the best part is, is that you will be able to mix and match to suit your budget :) - Can be found in Sephora - Dubai Mall 


Next we have the Molton Brown limited edition Christmas set. This set screams Festive and Luxurious. This would make a beautiful gift for women aged 30 years and older
Now we have some Philosophy products. I love love love Philosophy! I've tried their micro-peel and lip-gloss and now I'm in the process of trying some of their cleansers as per the advice of my blogger friend at

So I loved the fact that they came up with a 3-in-1 formula (shampoo, bodywash, bubble bath) and they're scented after  festivities themed food. Best part? you can mix and match and its suitable for all ages. - Can be found in most Sephora stores 

Here we have Sephora's new Festive collection, you can check out my Facebook page for their entire collection, but I chose my favorite item to be featured here! Which is their new Makeup Academy Palette! It looks great and has everything with a very good price! - Can be found in all Sephora stores

And last but not least, this gift is also suitable for all ages. And its necklaces from Swarovski's new collection which apparently you can combine together to create a unique look (but I'm featuring my favorite) - This is available in all Swarovski boutiques :)  

Hope this helped all ya'll! and if you want a more personalized and customized gift suggestion, then hit me up on

Remember, all ideas here are that of an Opinionated Girl xx

Santa Jacobs! Here is my Christmas List

Its no surprise that I've been in love with Marc Jacobs from the minute I set my eyes on his Beauty line!

Everything about it just made me fly into lala-land ! The elegance of the packaging! The Simplicity! and my oh my the colors!!

Now I'm going to share with you some of the items that are on the top of my purchase list (Gotta Save Up!)

First and foremost: Their lip-glosses! They give amazing (and extremely rich) color and have the best texture! I got a dark-ish color during the opening, now I'm going for a more nude color!

Next we have the Marc Jacobs foundation! Apparently this foundation not only builds up and provides full coverage, but also has anti-aging protection and hydrates the skin with coconut water extracts! Its definitely worth a try!


Now on my wishlist I have the Nail polish in ENAMORED! I won't say anything about it, Just look at the color *Sigh*


Last but not least *Drumroll* POWDERS! Okay, I love love love powders! They are so not messy and easy to apply when you are on the go! Can't wait to try this!


Mr. Marc Jacobs, you stole my heart with your awesome Beauty line! I LOVE YOU! The beauty line, that is.

All Marc Jacobs beauty line can be found  in Dubai Mall's Sephora!

Till later loves! xx

FOTD! with swatches and everything!

So.. This my first FOTD post! I'm so excited but nervous at the same time to be sharing my pictures so publicly :O

I decided to share with all my lovely ladies what a simple look that is suitable for work and university! I use this look a lot because it takes me about 5 minutes to do which is important when I\m struggling to get out of my bed every morning.

I used the following to create the look:

Make-up forever pro-finish powder- I really like this powder because it doesn't create a cakey look and feels light enough to wear in this heat. It also looks really natural which is suitable for the morning! I got this product based on Huda Kattan's recommendation! I used this for full coverage

Benefit's Benetint- this product needs no introduction! Let's just say that ALL of Benefit's tints are amazing. However, this one is very suitable for the morning because of the light texture and intensity of the color. I used this on the apple of my cheeks

L'oreal Color Riche LeKhol- This is a very basic Kohl pencil that is easily applied. I absolutely love the color (108 - Portofino Blue). I applied this in a thin line on the upper and lower lids

Benefit's High Brow- Another one of Huda Kattan's recommendations! I purchased this product recently and I loooooooooooove it ! It gives a wonderful shape for your eyebrows, and sometimes I use it to highlight the inner corner of my eyes (as a night look)

Marc Jacobs Beauty lipgloss- I was lucky enough to go to the beauty line launch a week ago, and let me tell you, I am HOOKED! Amazing packaging, amazing product, amazing everything! I got this lipgloss in the Goody bags they distributed and so I decided to give it a try and VOILA! It feels and looks great and its full of color,so much so that you don't have to wear lipstick! Can't wait for the official store launch to buy different colors! Keep your eyes glued to Sephora's page for the exact date and location

Swatches Time! 

High Brow - Loreal Kohl - Marc Jacobs lipgloss - Benetint Benefit 

Hope you enjoyed this post

Let me know what products you use in the comments below xx
and remember, all ideas here are that of an Opinionated Girl

Giveaway EXTENDED!

Hey guys!

I know I've been a bad blogger to you because of being MIA but this university of mine is taking all of my time! :(

So I know that I should announce the winners for the giveaway, but given that I changed my Bloglovin and now not everyone is entered, I thought it would be fair to extend it for another week! so keep sharing in order to increase your chances of winning people!

Giveaway will now close on the 7th of November!

To enter then check out this post!

Till later loves! xox

What to do this weekend!?!

Did you have a stressful week? Do you just want to do all the things you love but you can't go to all these different places?

Well ladies, your prayers have been answered!

Head down to the Ladies Day Out event and enjoy everything from learning how to DJ, to complete makeovers to drinks whilst overlooking one of the best views in Dubai! All that for the price of one ticket!

For more information, check out the website here and you can even purchase your tickets there with a 15-20% off if you do it prior to the event!

I just received my invitation and I can't wait to go!! You will hear all about it!

Let me know if you will be joining in the comments below! 


The Cure to your stressful week

Let me tell you about my experience at The Cure Salon! It was my first time getting a shellac manicure and pedicure, and I was dreading it for two reasons:
  • I didn’t know what color would be suitable for every occasion and outfit
  • I knew it takes a long time to finish the procedure and that I was going to be bored out of my mind

Fortunately though, The Cure had the solution to that! They are the first salon that I heard do French tips! This is something that is suitable for every occasion and outfit! I was delighted when they told me yes :)  

But what's better, they actually had wireless headphones that were connected to a big screen TV playing the series Friends nonstop! I didn't even feel the time pass by; in fact  I stayed 10 more minutes after finishing my shellac manicure just to finish off the episode.

The staff was so very friendly and generous, and they even offer a big selection of complementary drinks (coffee, soft drinks, teas, and fresh juices) unlike other salon where you have to pay for refreshments.

And do you want to hear the best part? While you dry your nails, they actually give you a head and back massage rather than just have you sitting there for 10 minutes doing nothing 

All in all I really enjoyed my experience and I plan to visit them often and I recommend you do the same!

If you want to know their prices, locations and others then go here and start giving yourself the best pampering experience at a reasonable price 

Win this awesome Him/Her giveaway worth a 1000 aed!

Hey All! 

I have an awesome surprise for you! A giveaway! and not just for the Ladies but for the Gentlemen as well! and its worth more than a 1000 AED! 

Here is what it consists of: 

- Ipod Shuffle 
- Davidoff perfume for men 
- Xbox Game 

- Pond's skincare set (consists of 4 tubes!) 

- Handmade soap

- Bourjois goody bag consisting of:
* Kohl Pencil
* Eyeliner 
* Lipliner 
* 2 Nail polishes 
* Eyeshadow 
* Purple limited edition mascara
* Bourjois branded bag 
* Bourjois branded notebook 

So what do you need to do in order to win this? 

Here you go: 

1) Subscribe to my blog with your email (on the right) please make sure that you do it with a verified and working email otherwise you will not be entered 

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5) When you're done, Comment with your email :) or if you don't feel like sharing it, then send it over to this email for verification 

The more you share the higher your chances! 

Extra Entries: 

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This competition will end on 22nd of October 11:59 pm UAE timing and its open internationally! 

Bon Appetite!