May's Glambox is Here!

May's Glambox is Here!

Glambox provides a paid online subscription service where you receive a parcel every month depending on your required subscription (3, 6 or 12 months) that contains 4-6 travel sized products that you can try at the comfort of your own home by subscribing here

I found this especially useful because I have  sensitive skin and not all creams and cosmetics work on me, therefore its great to not buy the the full sized item and get stuck with it!

May’s glambox is all about being AND feeling beautiful with 3 full sized products! Check out the gorgeous contents in the picture below! 

This month’s contents are as follows:

1) Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Cleanser (Full size): This product is one of the few “mass” products that are actually affective and keeps the face refreshed, which is amazing during the summer!

2) Bioderma Photoderm Max Fluid SPF 100 (Full size): Check review here

3) Thierry Mugler Alien Essence Absolute: This gorgeous deluxe sized perfume is so powerful yet smells so fresh. Its Floral, Amber Vanilla and Mystic essence mixed together! A must try

4) Vipera Photo Model Make Up: This sachet of foundation blends with the skin color immediately leaving it flawless and photo ready!

5) Bourjois Kohl (Full size): this eye pencil draws with precision and lasts a while! One swift of the pencil is enough unlike other Kohl Pencils! 

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My very own May Skin-care awards!

I consider May as the month of skin-care! I've never tried so many skin-care products in my life! No joke! And now I've listed down all my favorites so it'll be easier for you guys to scroll through them and read the reviews you want to! I'm so nice right?! 

My little Bliss Collection; check review here

My Summer Favorites; check review here

Awesome Lip Care; check review here

Moisturizers; check review here

and check out my June giveaway

Enjoy Lovelies! 

Moisturizers that aren't too Moisty!

Moisturizers are very important to me because I absolutely hate it when my skin goes dry.

Makes me really uncomfortable and this month I stumbled upon two great moisturizers one for the night and the other is for mornings (of course both can be used for either night or morning depending on your need and preference).

The first one is the Olay total effects 7 in 1 with a max factor foundation touch (BB Cream)
This one works perfectly in the morning before leaving because it acts as a foundation but not as heavy as one! Amazing stuff! I tend to use it with Benefit’s Porefessional (check out its review here) and also it acts as a pre-anti-aging treatment. Don’t think that just because you are in your 20’s that you shouldn’t use anti-aging products! The earlier you start, the younger your skin is. HOWEVER, you shouldn’t use extremely concentrate anti-aging products right away!  This Olay product blends beautifully with the skin and comes in 3 shade: Light, Medium and Dark. (Medium is the one shown in pictures)

The other awesome moisturizer that I use now is the Shiseido Pureness moisturizing gel-cream
This wonder is so light and smooth that its wonderful to sleep in because you really don’t feel like you are wearing any cream at all! Although you can surely use it in the morning I just see that its more appropriate at night. You should do this after your “before bed-time” rituals. AND Lovelies, always remember to not put it around the eye area!

Lovelies, skin is very important, so always invest in a good moisturizer and other skin products.

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My summer favorites!

My summer favorites!

In UAE, we seem to have a 10 month summer season! So protecting your skin from the sun is definitely a necessity! This little collection is my summer favorite and I absolutely love them!

I will be reviewing them left to right

I got this Nivea stress protect deodorant sample from one of the malls; and let me tell you, this is definitely the most effective deodorant I have ever used, and I try different deodorants all the time because I can’t seem to find one that I like, but this is a keeper! This deodorant keeps you dry and smells amazing. I totally advise you lovelies to buy this, especially for the summer season.

This Bioderma Photoderm 100 SPF is one of the best SPF’s that I've used and it has one of the highest SPFs available. I use this product after applying makeup... I hope I’m not the only one! And use it 20 minutes before leaving the house ladies. This product should be a necessity in your dresser or makeup bag even! 

This Lancaster after sun moisturizer not only doesn't let you peel after tanning, but also it deepens and increases your tan color, isn't that awesome?! I thought so. It is very important to apply this product generously; on all your body may I add, to get the best the results possible. This product is very important to me because it takes me a long time to get a tan, and this definitely helps! A must try.

And lastly, the Lancaster Sport SPF 20:
This awesome product is water and sweat resistant, so I use it when jogging or swimming, because like I said before protecting your skin from the sun is one of the most important things you must do in your beauty rituals! And and and and, because it smells so good I sure will buy the full size of this product!

Thank you Glambox for introducing me to Bioderma and the Lancaster products! 

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Bliss is a Bless! 2.0!

As you lovelies have seen, I am completely smitten by Bliss! I’m so happy that they came here to Dubai! They can be found in all major Debenhams stores BTW! 

The first product is the Bliss’s triple oxygen instant energizing cleansing foam; this liquid-to-foam product transforms your skin, where it changes your dull skin to a more revived one by delivers oxygen to the skin along with a “super-powered” form of vitamin C! And it definitely leaves your skin smelling amazing! Also, the texture is light lather, making it easy to use!  What’s more is that you can use it to wipe off make up! Awesome?! Awesome!

How many times to be used: Everyday; once or twice (depending on need)
Rinse after finishing: Yes
And don't forget to have your face damp before applying!

Next product is Bliss’s steep cleaning mattifying toner pads; this is definitely one my favorite bliss products because it’s so easy to use and pays off so well! This innovational awesome product controls the extra oil off of your face and removes the shine that sometimes ruins our pretty faces in pictures! And what’s the main role you ask? It minimizes pores! This is definitely a must try! Especially for oily skin!

How many times to be used: Once a week or every other day (depending on need)
Rinse after applying: No

And last but not least is Bliss’s triple oxygen instant energizing eye gel; this product is a must have on my bedside table! I use it every night before I go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning. It is to be applied under the eye as well as the lid area. This awesome product delivers caffeine, oxygen, and vitamin C to transform tired, puffy eyes (university students that pull all-nighters like I do will understand!) to bright, rested, and revitalized ones. Giving your face an immediate radiance! Who doesn't want that?! So get over to Debenhams and pamper yourself with some Bliss products!

How many times to be used: Everyday, once in the morning and once at night
Rinse after applying: No

For Bliss’s triple oxygen instant energizing mask and steep clean professional-strength facial mask reviews, click here

For more information about the full range of Bliss products then follow them on twitter!

Before we part.. I would like to thank Glambox for introducing me to Bliss! Thanks lovely ladies! 

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LUSH yourselves!

A brand and shop that I think is really under-appreciated is Lush! You can distinct the shop’s location by its wonderful smell that trails from their all-natural all-handmade products! From soap, to skin care and hair care to cosmetics!
Also, what I really like about Lush is that you can mix and match the items and buy by the kilo, and end up making a personalized gift set that can be given to all women at any age, or even a gift or treat to yourself! They even have gift boxes and bags, so you don’t have to go somewhere else and buy em!

And, they are very eco pro!

The two items I tried were cosmetics; I got the Lip Scrub and Lip Tint

The Lip Tint:
This little container of lip tint can fit in any purse and is definitely very important to use during the dry weather, so always keep it in your purse lovelies!
I love the fact that its smells so amazing! And feels very light on the lips and also softens it up!  They have several flavors that you can pick from; I chose the snow fairy lip tint.
Lovelies! Don’t forget to use this by applying it before your lipstick!

The Lip Scrub:
My lips keep bugging me about buying this product for them! It’s a new idea that was randomly brought to my attention when I just walked into the shop… I love it when that happens!
This lip wonder not only smells amazing, but also tastes amazing! No joke! The description literally says that you have to lick it off once your done scrubbing your lips, and the best part is that it’s all natural! So you leave your lips soft and your tummy full!

For more information on other lush products, ingredients and locations visit their website here

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Review of a chic haven (aka Sugar Urban Nails)

Yo! Lovelies!

I would like to let you know that I’m not a huge fan of going to the salon and having someone carry out services on me… I just find it too awkward! However, let me tell you about an experience that changed all that and made me a nail salon addict!

Okay so my fave salon in Dubai is… Sugar Urban Nails! That place is a pink haven! 

From the minute I called them on the phone till I left the place, nothing but a smile was on their face!... okay ill never rhyme again..

So back to Sugar Urban Nails… you know the topic of this post… Rather than my poetic rhyming skills! 

The place was so colorful and attractive and very URBAN chic… I had a manicure there and I chose pink (you know, to match the shop).. of course they had a wide range of nail polish colors and texture, but what can I say, I tend to play on the safe side

The service was quick, thorough and friendly! They were so precise with their work which I loved! But we all know that there are times when you don’t feel like talking or feel awkward just sitting there doing nothing for 20 minutes or so and here is when I start talking about my favorite aspect of the shop.

So they showed me to my place and that's when I saw the Big TV on the wall in front me silently playing How I Met Your Mother, so I was happy to have something to watch; and then as I sat down, the nail expert asked me if I wanted headphones; Bluetooth headphones that is. So you are watching a show privately in public… if that makes sense…
So if you have any services to get all you lovely people looking glamourous and feeling good while having fun, then you definitely need to give Sugar Urban Nails a visit.

For more information about them (Locations, Contacts and List of services), visit their Facebook page

I would like to thank GlamboxME for introducing me to Sugar Urban Nails through the April Glambox (check out my review of it here)

Goodbye for now lovely people,
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Now Closed: A Giveaway! Worth 300 AED !

I love the number 5! And since I have 5 posts so far… guess what... I’ll be having a giveaway!!! (T&C apply)

So do you want to win a spa gift card worth 300 aed?! Which of course you can redeem against any service The Nail Spa offers. 

The winner is Mariam Ahmed! 

I've Contacted you on Twitter! 

A bit of information about The Nail Spa:

This haven for spa treatments provides top-notch services in very convenient locations (6 in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi). From the minute you enter till you leave, you feel like a princess and it’s not only because of the classic and luxurious setting and interior, but also because of the great and friendly service! 

Even if you don’t win this giveaway, a visit to them is a must! 
For more information, visit The Nail Spa website here

Terms and Conditions: 
- You must reside in UAE
- Competition will end on May 31st, 2013 - 11:59 pm UAE Timing! 

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Benefit from the POREfessional

Benefit's POREfessional: 
This miracle worker (or balm, as normal people call it) is used to cover up and fill pores, blackheads and the likes! It has a lighter texture than foundations, powders, and concealers therefore you can apply makeup on top of it and you don't even feel like you have something on! Luckily, it also smells really great (Citrus-y). Also I have sensitive skin, so it was really great to find a product that is light and easily blends with the skin without causing irritation or red spots. You don’t have to use it all over your face like a foundation or powder, instead just apply to the area where you feel your pores (or any impurity) show the most.

Also, a lot of people may not be comfortable enough applying make-up or any sort of products using their fingers (such as my OCD self). Personally, I would put it in a tiny empty container (can be found in Sephora) and use a make-up brush to spread it (check the picture below!) 

For more info. then check out Benefit's Facebook page and Twitter page exclusive to its Middle Eastern audience  

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Bliss is a Bless!

Thanks to Glambox, I was introduced to Bliss products, where in the April box they provided their subscribers with a deluxe sized Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask. This product has to be used on a damp face where you apply it on your face and then wait for it to be absorbed all on its own (its magic I tell you!) and not a lot of work there xD. It has a wonderful smell as well. I found my “can’t live without” product, so visit Glambox and subscribe to get introduced to yours!

So I decided to give Bliss a visit in Debenhams – MOE; let me tell you about my journey there… MAGNIFICENT!

The beauty expert was extremely helpful from beginning to end, she was very knowledgeable, and helpful where she would advise you on the exact product you want and need, depending on your type of skin. They even let you try the products on the spot to see which one you like best.  One thing you must know, you’ll go broke wanting to buy EVERYTHING! Unfortunately I had left Debenhams and Bliss till the end of my shopping trip, so I was only able to buy one Bliss product (sad, right?!).
The product I bought was, *drum rolls* Bliss’s Steep clean, which is a facial scrub that is pretty much equivalent to those you do in spas! And the smell, OMG the smell... Just Heavenly… I couldn't help but keep smelling my hand long after I left the shop!

How to use:
Make sure your face is damp, pump both nozzles onto your fingers (penny sized), and rub onto the face and neck, leave in for 15 mins and then wash off (with warm water) and feel your face like that of a baby’s!
Let me know if you use them and what you think in the comments below!

I’m hoping to buy some new Bliss products soon and review them! And I can honestly say that Bliss has stolen my heart! I’m in love!

For more information about the full range of Bliss products then go here, and follow them on Twitter as well!

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Sephora Purchase Experience and Loyalty Program - GCC edition!

So lovelies, I apologize for being MIA but I've been swamped with university work and finals. Not to worry though, because now I'm all yours!

Now as any lady knows, buying cosmetics can be therapeutic after a stressful day, and god knows that I have had those quite a lot in the past two weeks, so you will be seeing a couple of posts about my purchases and their reviews, and soon after that.. you guessed it.. a giveaway ;) !
So here we go:

Sephora is a beauty mansion where many brands come together, and some of these brands that have been on my radar are: Benefit and Urban Decay!

Read more about them in my next posts! :D 

Purchase experience:

That moment when they put your new products in that small black and white bag.. *sigh* best feeling ever! and what's even better is that Sephora has now initiated a loyalty program where you get 1 point for every 1 aed spent and eventually turning it into a gift! Isn't that wonderful?! and get this.. you also get a gift when you subscribe to their loyalty program which is absolutely free! and and and, they now have a competition on their Sephora's Middle East Facebook page where you input your loyalty number and you can win every week until the end of may! so what are you waiting for lovelies.. get moving and get your loyalty card from the nearest Sephora in the GCC!
Goodbye for now,And remember, all ideas here are that of an opinionated girl