Benefit from the POREfessional

Benefit's POREfessional: 
This miracle worker (or balm, as normal people call it) is used to cover up and fill pores, blackheads and the likes! It has a lighter texture than foundations, powders, and concealers therefore you can apply makeup on top of it and you don't even feel like you have something on! Luckily, it also smells really great (Citrus-y). Also I have sensitive skin, so it was really great to find a product that is light and easily blends with the skin without causing irritation or red spots. You don’t have to use it all over your face like a foundation or powder, instead just apply to the area where you feel your pores (or any impurity) show the most.

Also, a lot of people may not be comfortable enough applying make-up or any sort of products using their fingers (such as my OCD self). Personally, I would put it in a tiny empty container (can be found in Sephora) and use a make-up brush to spread it (check the picture below!) 

For more info. then check out Benefit's Facebook page and Twitter page exclusive to its Middle Eastern audience  

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  1. Meh, the Benefit POREfessional is really not that good. Though at the shop it seemed to work amazingly, when I started using it before going out, I saw it doesn't make much difference. It does, however, make the skin smooth once you apply it. I guess that's the only benefit I saw.

  2. Hmm, I'm surprised to hear that! Have you tried using it with foundation or powder? Maybe it'll make a difference then? Also try going to the beauty expert there and ask her how to use it properly or see if there is something wrong with the tube you got! Goodluck and let me know what happens with you :*