Bliss is a Bless! 2.0!

As you lovelies have seen, I am completely smitten by Bliss! I’m so happy that they came here to Dubai! They can be found in all major Debenhams stores BTW! 

The first product is the Bliss’s triple oxygen instant energizing cleansing foam; this liquid-to-foam product transforms your skin, where it changes your dull skin to a more revived one by delivers oxygen to the skin along with a “super-powered” form of vitamin C! And it definitely leaves your skin smelling amazing! Also, the texture is light lather, making it easy to use!  What’s more is that you can use it to wipe off make up! Awesome?! Awesome!

How many times to be used: Everyday; once or twice (depending on need)
Rinse after finishing: Yes
And don't forget to have your face damp before applying!

Next product is Bliss’s steep cleaning mattifying toner pads; this is definitely one my favorite bliss products because it’s so easy to use and pays off so well! This innovational awesome product controls the extra oil off of your face and removes the shine that sometimes ruins our pretty faces in pictures! And what’s the main role you ask? It minimizes pores! This is definitely a must try! Especially for oily skin!

How many times to be used: Once a week or every other day (depending on need)
Rinse after applying: No

And last but not least is Bliss’s triple oxygen instant energizing eye gel; this product is a must have on my bedside table! I use it every night before I go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning. It is to be applied under the eye as well as the lid area. This awesome product delivers caffeine, oxygen, and vitamin C to transform tired, puffy eyes (university students that pull all-nighters like I do will understand!) to bright, rested, and revitalized ones. Giving your face an immediate radiance! Who doesn't want that?! So get over to Debenhams and pamper yourself with some Bliss products!

How many times to be used: Everyday, once in the morning and once at night
Rinse after applying: No

For Bliss’s triple oxygen instant energizing mask and steep clean professional-strength facial mask reviews, click here

For more information about the full range of Bliss products then follow them on twitter!

Before we part.. I would like to thank Glambox for introducing me to Bliss! Thanks lovely ladies! 

Goodbye for now lovely people, 
And remember, all ideas here are that of an opinionated girl!

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