Sephora Purchase Experience and Loyalty Program - GCC edition!

So lovelies, I apologize for being MIA but I've been swamped with university work and finals. Not to worry though, because now I'm all yours!

Now as any lady knows, buying cosmetics can be therapeutic after a stressful day, and god knows that I have had those quite a lot in the past two weeks, so you will be seeing a couple of posts about my purchases and their reviews, and soon after that.. you guessed it.. a giveaway ;) !
So here we go:

Sephora is a beauty mansion where many brands come together, and some of these brands that have been on my radar are: Benefit and Urban Decay!

Read more about them in my next posts! :D 

Purchase experience:

That moment when they put your new products in that small black and white bag.. *sigh* best feeling ever! and what's even better is that Sephora has now initiated a loyalty program where you get 1 point for every 1 aed spent and eventually turning it into a gift! Isn't that wonderful?! and get this.. you also get a gift when you subscribe to their loyalty program which is absolutely free! and and and, they now have a competition on their Sephora's Middle East Facebook page where you input your loyalty number and you can win every week until the end of may! so what are you waiting for lovelies.. get moving and get your loyalty card from the nearest Sephora in the GCC!
Goodbye for now,And remember, all ideas here are that of an opinionated girl


  1. yeey to new bloggers!! and congrats on winning The Beauty Residence giveaway . i'm following you now!!

    1. Hehe Thank You! Hope you enjoy my blog! and Ill be hosting my giveaway soon as well! :D stay tuned