Review of a chic haven (aka Sugar Urban Nails)

Yo! Lovelies!

I would like to let you know that I’m not a huge fan of going to the salon and having someone carry out services on me… I just find it too awkward! However, let me tell you about an experience that changed all that and made me a nail salon addict!

Okay so my fave salon in Dubai is… Sugar Urban Nails! That place is a pink haven! 

From the minute I called them on the phone till I left the place, nothing but a smile was on their face!... okay ill never rhyme again..

So back to Sugar Urban Nails… you know the topic of this post… Rather than my poetic rhyming skills! 

The place was so colorful and attractive and very URBAN chic… I had a manicure there and I chose pink (you know, to match the shop).. of course they had a wide range of nail polish colors and texture, but what can I say, I tend to play on the safe side

The service was quick, thorough and friendly! They were so precise with their work which I loved! But we all know that there are times when you don’t feel like talking or feel awkward just sitting there doing nothing for 20 minutes or so and here is when I start talking about my favorite aspect of the shop.

So they showed me to my place and that's when I saw the Big TV on the wall in front me silently playing How I Met Your Mother, so I was happy to have something to watch; and then as I sat down, the nail expert asked me if I wanted headphones; Bluetooth headphones that is. So you are watching a show privately in public… if that makes sense…
So if you have any services to get all you lovely people looking glamourous and feeling good while having fun, then you definitely need to give Sugar Urban Nails a visit.

For more information about them (Locations, Contacts and List of services), visit their Facebook page

I would like to thank GlamboxME for introducing me to Sugar Urban Nails through the April Glambox (check out my review of it here)

Goodbye for now lovely people,
And remember, all ideas here are that of an opinionated girl!  
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