Win this awesome Him/Her giveaway worth a 1000 aed!

Hey All! 

I have an awesome surprise for you! A giveaway! and not just for the Ladies but for the Gentlemen as well! and its worth more than a 1000 AED! 

Here is what it consists of: 

- Ipod Shuffle 
- Davidoff perfume for men 
- Xbox Game 

- Pond's skincare set (consists of 4 tubes!) 

- Handmade soap

- Bourjois goody bag consisting of:
* Kohl Pencil
* Eyeliner 
* Lipliner 
* 2 Nail polishes 
* Eyeshadow 
* Purple limited edition mascara
* Bourjois branded bag 
* Bourjois branded notebook 

So what do you need to do in order to win this? 

Here you go: 

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5) When you're done, Comment with your email :) or if you don't feel like sharing it, then send it over to this email for verification 

The more you share the higher your chances! 

Extra Entries: 

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This competition will end on 22nd of October 11:59 pm UAE timing and its open internationally! 

Bon Appetite! 

Relaxi Taxi!

Hey All! I have this amazing video to share with you all! Its by Hayla TV :) 

Learn how to relax after a stressful week! 

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Till later loves! 

A quick dessert for this desert weather!

Hey All!

I'm pretty sure that we all have had surprise guests spring at us out of nowhere, Unfortunately! Regardless, I'm sure you'd still like to impress them by preparing something yummy, yet not take a lot of time doing so! When I was in London this summer, I picked up on an awesome dessert that can be prepared in about 5 minutes!
If you want to make something yummy like the below picture then keep on reading!

Picture extracted from Google

So how to do this yummy and nice looking treat?!

Vanilla Ice-cream
Whipped Cream

Ice-cream Scooper
Clear glasses (wide enough to put a small spoon through)

How to:
First thing, you break the meringues in a plate (not into powder, just tiny pieces to ensure they keep their crunch) and slice up the strawberries in a different plate
and from then on its just a matter of putting things in the glass (Nicely!)

Start with a handful of crushed meringue, then a scoop of ice-cream, followed by a spoon of sliced strawberries. Repeat another round of the fore-mentioned and top off with some whipped cream and some crushed meringue

Optional: You can also add a whole strawberry as a garnish!

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And remember, all ideas here are that of an opinionated girl.

Rainy Day?! Here are 5 tips to avoid them!

So, Lets face it, in this country it is very easy for your money to fly away! Whether its on groceries, apparel, and services! I'm assuming its because there is nothing for us to do in this country but go to malls due to the lovely weather conditions!
Therefore, I am here with 5 tips on how to save money:

Picture by

1) Consider a pay-as-you go mobile instead of paying for a monthly bill that accumulates without control! 

2) Buy Clothes and Presents during sales! 

3) Shop online: Websites usually sell things at a lower price because they don't pay rent for an actual brick and mortar storefront! 

4) Sell whatever you haven't used for over a year! Yes, I am talking about clothes, accessories, tools and kitchenware. Sell them and make yourself some useful cash! Trust me it adds up! 

5) Consider installing a water meter to help you keep track of how much you are wasting! You are not a fish! I'm sure you don't need all that water you are using up! 

Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips, and I might just add them on the post! 

And remember, all ideas here are that of an opinionated girl.