Ideas for "Her" -- Opinionated Girl to the rescue!

The Festive season is upon us and that means one thing: Endless time at the store trying to pick presents for your loved ones! Opinionated Girl to the rescue!

I've been getting a lot of promotions and new releases themed  just for the holidays and today I will make your life easier by selecting my favorites! These will be based on Quality of the product, packaging and price! I will start with a "Her" suggestions, and next week I will post a "Him" post! 

First off we have some of Marc Jacobs newly released beauty line, and boy oh boy do I love all the products! You can read about my wishlist here (in-case you feel like getting me a present ;)). These would make a wonderful gift for women aged 40 years and younger. And the best part is, is that you will be able to mix and match to suit your budget :) - Can be found in Sephora - Dubai Mall 


Next we have the Molton Brown limited edition Christmas set. This set screams Festive and Luxurious. This would make a beautiful gift for women aged 30 years and older
Now we have some Philosophy products. I love love love Philosophy! I've tried their micro-peel and lip-gloss and now I'm in the process of trying some of their cleansers as per the advice of my blogger friend at

So I loved the fact that they came up with a 3-in-1 formula (shampoo, bodywash, bubble bath) and they're scented after  festivities themed food. Best part? you can mix and match and its suitable for all ages. - Can be found in most Sephora stores 

Here we have Sephora's new Festive collection, you can check out my Facebook page for their entire collection, but I chose my favorite item to be featured here! Which is their new Makeup Academy Palette! It looks great and has everything with a very good price! - Can be found in all Sephora stores

And last but not least, this gift is also suitable for all ages. And its necklaces from Swarovski's new collection which apparently you can combine together to create a unique look (but I'm featuring my favorite) - This is available in all Swarovski boutiques :)  

Hope this helped all ya'll! and if you want a more personalized and customized gift suggestion, then hit me up on

Remember, all ideas here are that of an Opinionated Girl xx


  1. Swarovski's necklace oh my its beautiful would ask my husband to get me and love Marc Jacobs makeup looks amazing sadly cant afford :( it thanks for these amazing gift ideas :)

  2. Yay...I love them all,nice idea any ladies would love this

  3. i am crazy Sephora's products <3 Thanks for the Ideas
    i will gift my sister for coming birthday :) its to pretty necklace :)

  4. Es ist sch?n, es ist wirklich nicht das gleiche Frau jetzt aus der Arbeit angezogen, und ich beabsichtige Swarovski schmuck, sich kleiden zu kaufen, verbessern ihre Charme.