Santa Jacobs! Here is my Christmas List

Its no surprise that I've been in love with Marc Jacobs from the minute I set my eyes on his Beauty line!

Everything about it just made me fly into lala-land ! The elegance of the packaging! The Simplicity! and my oh my the colors!!

Now I'm going to share with you some of the items that are on the top of my purchase list (Gotta Save Up!)

First and foremost: Their lip-glosses! They give amazing (and extremely rich) color and have the best texture! I got a dark-ish color during the opening, now I'm going for a more nude color!

Next we have the Marc Jacobs foundation! Apparently this foundation not only builds up and provides full coverage, but also has anti-aging protection and hydrates the skin with coconut water extracts! Its definitely worth a try!


Now on my wishlist I have the Nail polish in ENAMORED! I won't say anything about it, Just look at the color *Sigh*


Last but not least *Drumroll* POWDERS! Okay, I love love love powders! They are so not messy and easy to apply when you are on the go! Can't wait to try this!


Mr. Marc Jacobs, you stole my heart with your awesome Beauty line! I LOVE YOU! The beauty line, that is.

All Marc Jacobs beauty line can be found  in Dubai Mall's Sephora!

Till later loves! xx