Ideas for "Him".. Opinionated Girl to the Rescue!!

So Lovelies I am back with another post about some Christmas gift ideas, but this time, its for Men! You're welcome ladies!

Well, if you ever bought a gift for a guy, you would know how difficult it is and just how picky they are! so my go to solution is always a perfume! But even then, there are sooooo many options in stores, so I'm here to help you pick the perfect gift for your man 

1) Calvin Klein's Euphoria: For the powerful, classy and sexy man ;) 
This perfume is a classic! you can NEVER EVER go wrong buying this! and what's better is that they released this set which makes an absolute perfect present! 

2) Bottega Veneta pour Homme: For the self-confident, masculine, and an enchanting man! 
This perfume is fresh, yet a sensuous leathery understated note. Its woody, with a distinctive scent of of precious Labdanum and Bergamot! 

3) Guess Night: For the young, trendy, seductive and energetic man
This perfume is perfect for a night out on the town with notes of grapefruit, hot pepper and cedar! while the base consists of patchouli and black vanilla! Can you say yummy? .

Have a very Merry Christmas! 

Opinionated Girl xx 


  1. would definitely get Calvin Klein euphoria for my husband on new year :) thanks for an amazing review and helping people out :)

  2. Those are all awesome perfumes,thanks for the nice idea

  3. I wish there would be something other than perfumes that could be gifted for him, but my brother uses CK Euphoria and it's amazing

    1. There are watches and sweaters! But the problem is that these products are very personalized and you have to see how they look on the person! :(