Yet another gift idea!

Are you crunched for time? Did you completely forget to buy a gift for someone you care about? You can't find the perfect gift for that person? If you answered yes to any of the above then keep reading! ;) 

Its no secret that gift cards to anything make the perfect gift for someone who you think has everything! But what about having a gift card to a healthier lifestyle?  KCAL Healthy Fast Food's newly launched gift cards for meal plans is your answer! With the New Year coming up, a lot of people are wanting to look and feel good ;) 

The gift card is the perfect present for someone who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle or who is always complaining they don't have the time to cook ( we all know such a person, don't we?) 


  1. Oh this is so cool! I had Kcal once. Expected it to be more on the healthy side & less on the taste but was so surprised the food in their menu are truly delicious yet less calorie consuming!

  2. arghhh ok I so need this ...stop reminding me haha

  3. I wish someone would give me that as a gift! it's a great idea