What's so special about the new Revlon eyeshadows?

What's so special about the new Revlon eyeshadows? They are customizable, which is something that I just LOVE! They are travel friendly and easy on the pocket (at 19 aed/color). They aren't crazy pigmented though, so they are most suitable to be worn out during the day. There are 20 colors to pick from, and they include matte and shiny colors. Which one would you pick? Below are some of my favorites! 

Clarins Foundation - Review

I never get foundations! I mean never! But the Clarins foundation immediately caught my heart. This amazing bottle totally covers any imperfections with no streaks, it is easily blendable and gives off a dewy finish. I tried this foundation going out in the morning, and it held up till around 10 pm. So about 10 hrs which is pretty amazing, mind you though, that I had setting powder as well. What's the best thing about this foundation? It has a very pleasant smell that doesn't cause any headaches.  


Calvin Klein Eternity Night - Review

Calvin Klein recently launched a new version of their widely-loved and classic Eternity perfume. This version is called Eternity Night. It is a dark floral fragrance with the top notes of Pink Pepper, Quetsche, and Elderberry. The middle notes consist of Frangipani, Wisteria and Jasmine with a base of Musk, Sandalwood and Tonka Bean (I told you it was a bit dark). This perfume is definitely a classic and I think it is one of those perfumes that are liked by many. It is long lasting, with somewhat a moderate sillage so it's not too overwhelming and can be worn on a daily (night) outing. 

Box Therapy: the newest subscription in Dubai. And the raddest!

8 days to Christmas! and let me guess, you still haven't bought some presents! I am on the same boat as you are. Believe me! So I am here to guide myself and you to the perfect present. This is my fourth post! So make sure to check them all out!

I recently came across a new subscription service where you receive a parcel every month depending on your required subscription (1, 3, 6 or 12 months) that contains different products that will satisfy your different needs! The November one was so wonderful! It contained the below items:

1) Full Size Upside Down Mascara from Sephora
2) Full Size Kiehl's Lipbalm
3) Big candle from Bath and Body Works in scent Dark Kiss (one of their best-sellers)
4) Unbroken – a book by Laura Hillenbrand
5) Miniature perfume sample of Les Exclusifs de Chanel
6) Manicure voucher to NStyle Nail Lounge
7) Special edition mug by Nicole Kidman from the Whatever it Takes collection

I think this subscription box is so different from anything else because it touches base on different needs and wants. It takes care of you from the inside and out! So it's perfect for any woman and not necessarily someone who is interested in beauty, food, or organic stuff exclusively.

Make sure you check it out and subscribe here!

Gucci for Her & Him - The perfect couple present this holiday season

The minute I opened this bottle I was impressed by how pretty the packaging was. The perfume is kind of placed on a pedestal and wrapped with a flowery pouch, and the bottle itself is a very simple black bottle. The Scent itself is one of those really wonderful ones that are just familiar. This perfume will remind you of something or someone. The base notes comprise of patchouli, vetiver and musk, flowery middle notes, and pepper and fresh bergamot top notes. You can make this a couple gift and get a Gucci Guilty for him perfume, read more about it here

Gift Idea #2 - 22 days to Christmas!

Give the gift of beauty this christmas with these gorgeous best-seller packs from Clarins!

Shaving Kit for the Men

Double Serum Radiance Collection 

HydraQuench Collection

Body-Care Collection

Gift Idea #1 - 23 days to Christmas!

Christmas is in 23 days! Where did the year go? Am I right? Anyway, if you are a procrastinator like yours truly, then you probably didn't start your christmas shopping! So I will publish a few ideas to help everyone that's in the same boat as myself!

Thierry Mugler released a few holiday sets that are perfect for this occasion! The sets are of their best sellers and ones that suits all tastes.

For the young ladies 

For the men

For the ladies 

Holiday Nails with OPI!

Tis' the holiday season! This is my second favorite time of the year (my favorite is Feb which is my birthday month) so it is no surprise that I get super excited with all the reds, whites, greens and golden-s. Below are some of the festive nails I created! I hope you like them girlies!

Look 1:
Alpine Snow 
Malaga Wine

Look 2: 
Love.Angel.Music.Baby from the Gwen Stefani collection - Read the review here

Malaga Wine

Guerlain - Petrouchka Palette Eye & Blush Palette - Review and Swatches

The minute I opened this package, I felt like Christmas is here! These products breath holiday season so you can’t imagine how psyched I was to receive them! The little palette is gorgeous and so useful from colors to what’s actually inside! The eyeshadows are all neutral (beige and earthy colors) with shimmers - the blush palette is also great as the colors cater to different skin undertones. Find all the swatches below.

This palette is also bag-friendly because it’s compact, the packaging protects the makeup yet it is quite luxurious and last but least, it comes with 2 brushes (a blush and an eyeshadow one). Now I am usually against buying makeup as a gift, but I think this would make a perfect holiday present and every woman and girl would be lucky to have it! 

Get the perfect complexion with the Max Factor CC sticks +Swatches

Max Factor is known for wanting women to have all the tools to create a professional-looking makeup in the easiest way possible. So it was no surprise that they came up with the CC sticks. These CC sticks target several complexion problems (dark spots, redness, dullness..etc). They are extremely blend-able! The way I use it is just "coloring" my face and using each pen on the area required and then blending it all out. It feels very light on the face so it can be worn during the day even. To get the best result, then make sure you use a primer prior to using it. MF also released a primer that is actually creamy so I feel like it moisturizes as well. 2-in-1? Below are the swatches so you can see how they look like!

Bottega Veneta Knot Perfume - Review

Let me start this post by saying that I am not the biggest fan of Bottega perfumes. They are just not my style (but they are perfect for the region with all their spicy and heavy scents). This one is very different though, I was impressed by how luxurious everything was, from bottle to scent.

The bottle is simple with an iconic and smooth "Knot" cap then comes the scent. It starts out as a citrusy scent with top notes of Lime, Clementine, Mandarin Orange, Neroli, and Orange Blossom. As the scent settles, it turns into a musky scent that is long lasting but not too overwhelming. This perfume is a woman's perfume, perhaps it's not a style that everyone will like, but I personally love it and it's a scent that you can remember how it smells like even when you are not wearing it. 

Armand Basi - Red

This is my first time trying anything from Armand Basi, and honestly speaking I didn't think I would like it as much as I did. It is such a classical perfume and it is the kind of scent that is quite familiar. The top notes include: mandarin, bergamot, ginger and cinnamon. The heart encompasses jasmine, rose, lily and violet leaves. The base includes musk and woody notes. It is long lasting with a moderate sillage but at the same time it is light, making it perfect for the day. 

MANDARINA DUCK - Oh Bella review

This is the first time I try this brand, at before trying it, I honestly thought it wouldn't smell good (I don't know why!) but after trying, I realized what a light-weight scent it was definitely delicate and serene! It's long-lasting making it wonderful to wear during the day. It's the kind of perfume you keep at work on your desk

Top notes: Raspberry, Chinese Mandarin Apple, and Pear

Medium Notes: Pink Roses, Jasmine, Freesia and other white flowers

Base Notes: Cedar, Patchouli, Vanilla and Musk

Have you tried this brand before? What do you think? 

Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara - Review

Max Factor knows that mascara is very important to women, and so they always try to revolutionize their mascaras! and boy oh boy did they do justice to this mascara! Contrary to what many women may still believe, a big brush doesn’t mean bigger and better lash transformation and Max Factor wants to prove that with its new thin brush with short bristles that allows the lashes to get maximum contact with the mascara formula, which evidently gives it volume, intensity, and length! The brush is able to instantly volumise every lash by coating, combing, and separating them lashes for an immediate WOW effect. The shades available are Black and Black/Brown. See below the effects! 

Told you it was "WOW"!

Fall Perfumes for HIM!

Fo a few days back I compiled together the "IT" perfumes for women this Fall! How about I do the same for the men in our lives? ;)

First off we have Roberto Cavalli - Just Gold which is extremely strong! Definitely a Night perfume more than a Day one! This perfume opens with a blend of black pepper, cardamom and nutmeg with medium notes of ristretto coffee. The Base comprises of vetiver and leather contributing which is the reason behind its' elegance and masculinity. The sillage (the extent of others smelling it) is heavy and it's long-lasting. Also, the bottle is just GORGEOUS!

David Beckham's Classic Blue!
People, this perfume has "clean shave" written all over it! Pretty sure a lot of ladies out there know what I mean! ;) This perfume definitely falls under the fresh category top notes of pineapple, grapefruit and violet leaf. The medium notes consist of geranium, clary sage and apple. Whereas the base notes include woody cashmere, patchouli and moss. These are one of the perfumes that would definitely catch people's attention!

An innovative release by Davidoff "Leather Blend" is the first in a line of fragrances based on special notes and celebrates precious leather. The Top notes include spicy flavors of saffron and black pepper. Whereas the medium notes include warm scents of rose with shades of hot amber, and the base consists of precious leather leaving an irresistible scent. This is THE perfume for the typical middle-eastren man!

Wonderful packaging! That's the first that comes to mind when I think of Thierry Mugler - A * Men Pure Wood. This is their newest launch, and it's a great one at that! It has a distinctive scent because it opens with notes of coffee then moves to oak notes, vanilla, patchouli and cypress. Again, I love the fact the bottle is designed in "tree"-y texture. This comes in 100 ml EDT.

A classic? I believe so! The Gucci Guilty Pour Homme is theperfect perfume for the charismatic and smooth (not criminal I hope!) talker in your circle. It has amazing Lavender, Lemon, and Orange blossom top notes as well as warm woody cedar and patchouli base notes. The bottle is extremely sleek and simple, again, perfect for the charming ones!

So there you have it! That’s my list for Fall for men! Which perfume are you (or your significant other) rocking during the sweater-weather?

OPI x Gwen Stefani

What I love about OPI, other than amazing quality of course, are all the collaborations that they do. That includes themes, celebrities and brands.  Their most recent collaboration was with the pop(?) star Gwen Stefani! That lady is known to be daring with her Red Lips, so you guys should see the shades and textures she has! (Yes textures)! I’ve swatched my favorite nail polishes below and then I have uploaded swatches of the rest from OPINails Twitter page :) 

Okay, I am totally eyeing that red one! What about you?

Pic courtesy of @OPINAILS on Twitter

Clarins Autumn Collection + Swatches

In keeping with the trend, Clarins released the Autmn collection called Ladylike. This collection comprises of matte, tones of nude, beige and auburn (I did say it was in keeping with the trend right?)


I got to play around with some of the products, so here we go! 

Ombre Matte Cream-to-Powder Eyeshadows

The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and are easily applied. It's very light and long-lasting with colors that are perfect for everyday wear, but can also be manipulated around to be perfect for a night out (Smokey eyes can be easily done with these colors). I've swatched them for you below (you're welcome) 

Top: Taupe, Nude Rose, Rosewood
Bottom: Nude Beige, Earth, Sparkling Grey 

Rouge Eclat

The lipsticks are AH-MAZING! They're light, long-lasting, don't patch, nor bleed. However, what I didn't like is that the colors are pretty much close to one another, especially the pinks. The picture below is one swipe, so you can see how full of color it is. 

Left to Right: 19, 20, 18, 17

Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base

I am crazy about eye primers! so I was so happy to receive this particular product! It's not translucent, which is amazing because I think that nude colored primers make a better base, or can even be worn alone if you're in a hurry and don't actually want to take the time and apply eyeshadow. This is the look I usually go for, a beige eye primer and a black liner! Swatch Below! 

Perfect Eyes and Brows Palette

I honestly haven't tried this particular product yet because I think it's just wayyyy to pretty to mess up, but this is the perfect on-the-go eye kit, because it has 3 eyebrow powder that can double as an eyeshadow, brow wax to tame those unruly hairs, and a highlighter for a high brow! Also, it comes with all the mini tools you need.