Review: Benefit's Superstar Gina!

I now review perfumes! Well, I guess that's just because I LOOOVE hoarding them! Yes, I have a drawer that has a bunch of brand new perfumes (Its normal, right?).

This perfume was a very random purchase! I actually went into sephora planning to by the high brow from Benefit, but for some reason ended up buying Gina by Benefit perfume. Something about it reminded me of my childhood, but I guess that's because of the the classic notes of Patchouli and Vanilla. It has a moderately strong scent, so its suitable for an outing at night (not a night out)! 

The packaging is adorable as well, but that's no surprise from Benefit! I believe it would make such a cute gift! Maybe something for Valentines? 
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Have you tried any of the other perfumes from Benefit? Leave your comments below! 

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I GUESS this is my first perfume review ;)

First time reviewing a Perfume! Its exciting! So I recently received the Guess Girl perfume (the pink one, not the purple one). My first thoughts about the perfume was that it was too sweet, but that's just because I spray perfume as if I am taking a shower (I hope I'm not the only weirdo) So I decided to try it out a few more times. , let's get on with reviewing the perfume, shall we?

If you like fresh, fruity, candy like perfumes the n this what you are going to be getting with this perfume. The top notes that prevail are Raspberry Nectar, Melon and Bergamot Mist. So you can say its a flowery fruit type of perfume?! And the packaging is just the most adorable bottle! The cap actually looks like a flowers petals.

All in all, I think that its a cool perfume to have and wear during the day in Spring/Summer time! Its flirty smelling, just like I know you want to be ;)

Till next time loves
And remember, all ideas here are that of an Opinionated Girl!

Winners announced for "New You" Giveaway!

Ladies! I am here to announce the long over due winners! 

Giveaway #1

Giveaway #2
Maryam Ukhan - Collected

Giveaway #3
Felicity Wheeler - Collected

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Zareen Abduallah

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Fizzy Saud 

Giveaway #6
Sally - Collected
Yasmina - Collected

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Please ladies contact me to schedule a pick up -- Just send an email in the next week (last day is 7th of feb) 

My very first beauty tool review!!

Well loveliessss I just wanted to tell how excited I am to be writing this review! Why you ask?! Its my first beauty TOOL review! Yaaay! .. So Eideal is brand that is very new to me, but the minute I looked at their e-commerce website, I felt like I was a kid at a candy store! They have sooooooo many tools exclusively for hair, and they claim to be of such good quality, so I decided to give it a try! 

I got the Teeny Twin flat iron. First Impression? This is just toooo cute to be taken out of the box! but its such a handy item that gets hot quickly and doesn't take its sweet time! You can also use it as a curler or just straightening iron. 

To create a wavy look
To create a straight look

Its such a tiny flat iron that is meant to be used for fringes and touch - ups only, but for the purposes of this review, I took some before and after pics for a lock of hair. This product is perfect for you to keep in your purse, travelling bag or even office for that "too-important" meeting! 



This product sells for 35$ only with worldwide shipping and can be found on

Review: Neutrogena has a double threat weapon!

The clutter of skincare brands and products are absolutely endless! And there are very few brands that are successful enough to cut through that clutter! Today I am going to share with you one of the brands that I think is just Ah-mazing! Neutrogena is one of the few drug store product that was actually developed by dermatologists. I mean these people have done their homework! One of their lovely products that I've come to love is their Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash/Mask. It does two things at once! Awesome right?! You can use it as a wash to cleanse your skin, help reduce and prevent spots; and you can use it as a mask to unclog those icky-filled pores (thanks to all the pollution around us!) and purifies and soothes the skin! plus plus plus it smells divine and it has the softest texture! To be honest though, I only tried it as a wash, because I never seem to be patient enough to sit still for 5 mins for the mask treatment! But it has done wonders for me and it over delivered as a face wash, so I am pretty sure it wouldn't let you down as mask! :)  

Hope you enjoyed this review lovelies
and remember, all ideas here are that of an Opinionated Girl 

NOTD! Wearing Ms. Sally Hansen!

So a while back I received some lovely nail polishes from Sally Hansen! When I first opened the bag I was mesmerized by how classy the colors look! But then I was lucky enough to try them.. and omg! Every stroke just gives sooooooo much color! It has a deep Opaque from the first coat. It is also long lasting and it stayed on for days. The one downside though is how hard to remove the nail polish, but I guess that's why its so long lasting! I also loooove the brush, its long making it easy for self application and having a salon finish at home! In conclusion, adooooooores!  

Excuse the messy wear 
Wearing Belle of the Ball

Wearing "Star Powder" (Pearl Color) and "So-nata Problem" (Navy Blue)