I GUESS this is my first perfume review ;)

First time reviewing a Perfume! Its exciting! So I recently received the Guess Girl perfume (the pink one, not the purple one). My first thoughts about the perfume was that it was too sweet, but that's just because I spray perfume as if I am taking a shower (I hope I'm not the only weirdo) So I decided to try it out a few more times. , let's get on with reviewing the perfume, shall we?

If you like fresh, fruity, candy like perfumes the n this what you are going to be getting with this perfume. The top notes that prevail are Raspberry Nectar, Melon and Bergamot Mist. So you can say its a flowery fruit type of perfume?! And the packaging is just the most adorable bottle! The cap actually looks like a flowers petals.

All in all, I think that its a cool perfume to have and wear during the day in Spring/Summer time! Its flirty smelling, just like I know you want to be ;)

Till next time loves
And remember, all ideas here are that of an Opinionated Girl!


  1. I also like fruity fragrances... I will check this out

  2. Fruit fragrances definitely fresh your mind. Apart from that if you buy perfumes online in India, then you will also get various other fragrances.