My very first beauty tool review!!

Well loveliessss I just wanted to tell how excited I am to be writing this review! Why you ask?! Its my first beauty TOOL review! Yaaay! .. So Eideal is brand that is very new to me, but the minute I looked at their e-commerce website, I felt like I was a kid at a candy store! They have sooooooo many tools exclusively for hair, and they claim to be of such good quality, so I decided to give it a try! 

I got the Teeny Twin flat iron. First Impression? This is just toooo cute to be taken out of the box! but its such a handy item that gets hot quickly and doesn't take its sweet time! You can also use it as a curler or just straightening iron. 

To create a wavy look
To create a straight look

Its such a tiny flat iron that is meant to be used for fringes and touch - ups only, but for the purposes of this review, I took some before and after pics for a lock of hair. This product is perfect for you to keep in your purse, travelling bag or even office for that "too-important" meeting! 



This product sells for 35$ only with worldwide shipping and can be found on


  1. thanks... another new product for me to try... but wonder if it will work for my super curly hair?

    1. It should be fine on short hairs? or just give it a quick blowdry with the hairdryer before straightening it :)

  2. A must ! You have beautiful healthy hair ! Hugs.

  3. great product.. wonderful tool... i m loving ur wavy hair look

  4. wonderful tool i already purchased one