Service Review: Tips and Toes

I came across Tips & Toes when I first moved to JBR 6 years, it was the only salon within walking distance! Here's another little fact, I had my first manicure ever there! This place holds a lot of nostalgic memories for me, so it's no surprise that I was thrilled when Tips & Toes wanted to sponsor my Graduation Photo-shoot (Hair, Nails and Makeup)


I started with my nails, and when I arrived they helped me choose my color and led me to my chair immediately (without waiting an extra minute)! My technician's work was quick, neat and exactly the shape I wanted, which is something that is extremely important to me. They offered me a drink, and it was quiet and relaxing without loud and upbeat music nor bright lights and TV screens everywhere; people might find it boring, but to me that's my favorite thing about this salon. I also really appreciated the fact that the salon's manager was conversing with all the guests and making sure everyone was happy! BIG PLUS!

Hair and Makeup

It was yet another quick and neat service with the hair and makeup! I was very impressed and here's why: 
1-While washing my hair, I got an amazing head massage (a service that other salons would charge for)
2-The hair stylist did my hair the way I wanted it, and she took everything I said into consideration and even gave me tips on how to maintain the style for the longest time
3-Although they showed me some examples of the makeup that can be done, yet she did whatever color/style makeup I wanted! 
4-They use Jane Iredale makeup which is on of my favorite beauty brands!
5-Even though the makeup is considered an add-on service (Quick Fix), it was actually full makeup application with cleansing, massaging, full coverage, and eye makeup! 

I was extremely freaking out that my makeup wasn't going to look good, but check out the photos below <3 

Hope you all enjoyed this review! and remember all ideas here are that of an Opinionated Girl! xx


  1. Awesome review..beautiful pictures...looking forward to visit...thanks

  2. your first picture is just too cute !! :)
    And ur makeup looks fab <3