CK vs CK vs CK!

Calvin Klein is one of the few brands out there that are always active with introducing new perfumes to the market! Keeping up with them is so tough, so I will (brilliantly) compare my 3 favorite perfumes (and very different) perfumes from their Euphoria range.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Although this perfume was launched back in 2005, yet in my opinion it is a classic that is perfect for any night occasion. The main notes are rose hip, Japanese apple, green leaves, Lotus, black orchid, red woods, black violet and amber.

Clavin Klein Euphoria Liquid Gold This perfume was exclusively introduced to CK's middle east audience, with the sleek golden perfume bottle, CK showed that they really know their audience.
This perfume is an oriental - woody fragrance making it strong and long lasting. It contains accords of cinnamon on top, Black orchid in the middle,and is placed on a sandalwood base.

Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria This transparent and slightly more curved perfume bottle makes it quite unique. This perfume is very different from the others because unlike the others, this is perfect for the day, and is very subtle. Top notes are cherry blossom, mandarin, and bergamot. The middle notes comprise of violet, pastel rose accord, and syringa with a base of bamboo, sandalwood, and bare musk accord.

What's your favorite CK perfume?! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! xx

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  1. I have tested out the Euphoria one I guess.. it's a good one. My favorite ck perfume in CKIN2U.