What's in my bag! Night-time edition!

So in the blogsphere, the "what's in my bag" post is very popular, but I decided to do the mini version of it, which is "what's in my clutch"! 

No matter how tiny my bag is, I make sure to never leave the house without these three things: 

1) My lipstick for the night - I make sure the packaging is very pretty (how shallow, right?!)
2) Card holder - I make sure that my money and cards aren't just thrown in the bag, so I just put them in a card holder 
3) Perfume - As for the perfume, although I always use samples that I get instore, but this time around I came across an awesome new product launch by Chloe. They introduced 30 ml perfumes with a spray and very very long-lasting scents (I am not a big fan of those oily ones that you have to rub on your temples, so this is perfect for me). The Chloe perfumes come in 3 different scents that can be found in Sephora!  

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  1. Loving the Kate Spade card holder. Gorgeous color. The Chloe bottles are too cute!..