Summer Essentials! 2014 Edition!

Temperature is rising, we are sweating, some are tanning (others are getting nasty sunburns minus the tan). Summer is Here! and here I am with summer essentials!

Let's start with the skincare routine!

I decided to go for the new Neutrogena pore & shine wash because not only does it get the job done (cleans your face awesomely) but also it smells amazing and fresh with light citrus notes. Then comes the MOST important product for the Summer season: SUNSCREEN! I cannot stress enough how important this is when you are out and about during the day. I was recently introduced to this sunscreen lotion from Herbline Essentials and I love the fact that it is highly absorbable and light on the face, making it easy to apply makeup afterwards. Also, let's not forget about dehydration and the chapped lips that result from that! So a product that's medically made for this purpose is handy to have in your bag. What's better is that this lip-balm is infused with SPF taking lips protection to another level! 
Lastly, I end the night with some Bioderma H20 remover. This product is HEAVENLY! It literally feels like you are cleansing your face with water and little product goes a long way, which is awesome! 

Now onto Scents! 
Ladies, we gotta smell good all the time, and Summer is a time to double the effort to do so. I picked two products that are suitable for day wear (as they are very flowery), first is the newly launched Fa anti-perspirant and the CK Eternity 25 years -Silver Edition- perfume. I chose the Fa product because it smells amazing (Poppy & Bluebell - Just like summer in a bowl), it is anti-stain with 48 hours protection. As for the perfume it is a floral composition made of freesia, safe and mandarin with a bas of sandalwood, amber and patchouli as well as middle note of lily of the valley, white lily, marigold and daffodil. This perfume is long-lasting making it perfect for the season! 

And lastly, aesthetics! 
Alright, so the canvas is now clean and ready to be painted! I suggest going for a subtle makeup look, and in order to do that, you might want to drop the foundation and exchange it with a powder, just because it's easier to deal with when you sweat! Recently I found a Revlon Color-Stay powder stashed away and thought I'd give it a try. My verdict? It's a pretty decent product that provides good coverage and doesn't cause my face to be all cake-y and it's extremely light on the face. Also, a simple mascara and eyeliner look with a subtle lipstick is the way to go! Products I picked for this season include the new eyeliner from Benefit Cosmetics which I reviewed here, a new mascara by Bourjois called "Volume 1 Seconde" that instantly lengthens, curls and gives volume to your lashes (within one second), and a subtle -long lasting- Coral color (#32) Rimmel Lipstick from the Kate Moss line (pic below). Make sure to end it with some funky colorful nails to make up from the subtle (but gorgeous) face. OPI nail-polishes are high in opacity that dry quickly and last atleast 3 days, the bottle too lasts a long time. 
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Hope you liked my picks! 
Tell me about yours! 


  1. Oh now I can see it, it's Revlon...I couldn't make it out on Instagram...
    -Sassy Sally from Giveaways Galore at :P

  2. Very nice suggestions, Sara!.

  3. I love your collection of products and the review you've given on them. The lipstick shade is just what I was looking for.