They're Real World! + FOTD

As you guys might have noticed, I am a huge fan of the brand Benefit Cosmetics! Their products are fun and cool but also effective and look into solving everyday problems. So it was no surprise that they spent 5 years developing a product that solves one of the toughest makeup issues women have: applying eyeliners!

Benefit Cosmetics developed a product (They're Real Push-up liner; available July 1st) that allows women to apply eyeliner with ease and speed! In my opinion, this eyeliner has its' pros and cons:

Long Lasting
Smudge and Water proof
Jet black color with a matte finish (Check out how it looks like in the pic below!)
It's gel formula
An AccuFlex tip that allows you to apply it as close to the lash as possible with one sweep

I actually didn't find it easy to get creative with (eg. doing a sweep up with the liner)
It's very messy and hard to clean off

And then comes the mascara. This has honestly become one of my favorite go-to mascara because of the fact that it not only lengthens and gives volume to your lashes, but it also separates them (no clumping?! BIG PLUS!). It is amazing in all aspects, however it is VERY hard to clean off. The result is still worth the after-hassle though. 

Benefit Cosmetics are also introducing a new eye makeup remover. It's a creamy texture (which is something that I am not a big fan of) where a little goes a long way. However, when used, it does tend to get messy; then again, this eyeliner is not easy to clean (I guess that's good because it's supposed to be long lasting?)

Below is a picture of a "Benefit Cosmetics Look" 
I used:
They're Mascara and Eyeliner on my eyes (Obviously)
Fakeup (Color: Medium 02) and Hello Flawless Foundation (Color: Petal) for the complexion
Rockateur and Benetint so I don't look like a ghost 
and some ChaCha tint for the lips! 

Hope you enjoyed this review and look! What Benefit Cosmetics products do you love/use? 


  1. I think this liner is over hyped but I do love benefit's mascara I use it all the time :-D

    1. I thought so too! However, I must admit that the color and texture is unique, I honestly was able to recognize it on my friend when she wore it! I think it just needs some getting used to! :)

  2. the packaging is sublime. its the least i should consider...but cant help it.

  3. Honest Review Sara..!!! I find push up eye liner difficult..and dry!!!