N.Bar - Review

I was invited to review the Shellac Manicure service at N.Bar, and given that I've never been there before, I said hell yea! First impression? Colorful, chic, urban and squeaky clean! The staff were very friendly and quick (0 waiting time). I was greeted at the door with smiles and a drink of my choice. I was then lead to my station and was given a fan display of all their colors. The colors I chose was called Strawberry Smoothie, I usually go for light nude colors and french whenever I do Shellac, just because it's easier to paint over if need be.  

The service was quick, thorough and friendly! They were so precise with their work which was amazing and the work was so good that my nails remained perfectly done for 3 weeks (only one finger got messed up two weeks after the service) and that's with typing, gym, and washing the dishes. 

However, I have just one tiny complaint.. Entertainment! The TV displayed some random program, and it would've been great if they had some sitcom or music videos on there. The music was good though (a lot of 90's songs) and it wasn't very loud which is perfect for unwinding after a long loud day. 

Final verdict: I give it not just a two thumbs up, but 10 perfectly manicured nails! :) 

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