KISS Nails! + Competition - Closed

KISS Nails is a new brand that just started retailing in the UAE – This brand provides salon quality manicures that are inexpensive! With amazing innovations like the gradation kit (giveaway later in the post ;)), even nail polishes are long lasting and don’t chip easily. Even their press-on artificial nails are extremely easy to apply and feel very much real! All their range can be found in Spinnyes, Carrefour and other major hypermarkets!

Now onto the best part! Win this Gradation Kit by emailing the answer to the following question: Where can the KISS range be found?  

Herbal Essences Giveaway - Closed

Hello lovelies!

I have a quick giveaway for you! Win a Shampoo and Conditioner from the new Nature Collection from Herbal Essences! To win this set, all you have to do is send me an email to stating what hair problem you want to solve! 5 Winners will be sent an email in a week! 8th of November! So hurry up and make sure that send me an email and DON’T comment here because it will not count! 

Best of Luck!

Fall Perfumes - For Her

Here I am again! and this time around I bring you the best fall perfumes!

If you know me, then you know just how much I love collecting perfumes ( I call it a hobby, others call it an addiction :)) ) so any excuse for me to test new perfumes is heaven ;) enough rambling and let’s begin!

First off we have Dare by Guess! The floral-woody-musk composition is
perfect for a jeans and white shirt look with the following notes:
Top: kumquat, lemon blossom and pear blossom,
Middle: cactus blossom, wild rose and elegant jasmine.
Base: Coconut, blond wood and musk. The sillage (the extent of others smelling it) is good but longevity somewhat “eh”; perhaps it’s because it’s an EDT? Still worth carrying in your everyday bag!

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs! We all know what gorgeous packaging the great Sir Jacobs picks so it’s a must-have just to keep on the vanity looking all pretty! The scent in itself is perfect for a day out on the weekend with the girlies. Now onto the notes:
Top: Lemons, Pears, and Blackberry (no, the fruit, not the phone)
Middle: Wisteria, Jasmin, and Litchi
Base: White Wood, Musk, and Coconut.
Weirdly enough, there are no Daisies in any of the notes (Umm?!). Since this is an EDT, longevity is somewhat weak but sillage is moderate to heavy so this one spritz is more than enough.

One of Calvin Klein’s biggest releases this year: REVEAL! Edgy yet Classy. Strong yet Sensual. The bottle is an iconic square one with a silver and transparent parts (hate the fact that the silver part is smudgy though). This perfume is truly one of it’s kind in terms of scents, and here is why. The top notes include White Pepper, Black Pepper, Pink Pepper and Salt (what did I tell you about the uniqueness?) Middle-notes include Iris and Ambergris and Base notes comprise of Sandalwood, Cashmeran, Vetiver and Musk. Now because of the notes and elements, you can imagine how long-lasting it is with amazing sillage!

Narciso Rodriguez For Her
This has to be one of my favorite perfumes EVER! I actually had it on my “wish-list” on Instagram for some time and I finally got it! It’s a classic! That’s really all how I can introduce it! The top notes include Bergamot, African Orange Flower, and Osmanthus. Middle notes have Musk and Amber and the base notes comprise of Vanilla and Vetiver. This is one of the perfumes that are very long lasting with the ability to change scents and shift (LOVE!) and the sillage is high!

The perfume I am about to talk about is a Middle-East exclusive! The Bath and Body Works newly launched Dark Kiss EDP. The Dark Kiss fragrance is a loved one by everyone, especially in GCC, so much so that they decided to launch the EDP exclusively here! What makes this perfume so special are it’s notes with the top ones including Bergamot, Incense, Mirabelle Plum and Blackberry. The middle ones are Amber, Burgundy Rose, Geranium and Peony with a base of Dark Vanilla, Labdanum, Vetiver, Balsams and Musks.It’s a long-lasting scent with a moderate sillage!

So there you have it! That’s my list for fall! Which perfume are you rocking during the sweater-weather? 

All about liners! A post inspired by The Beauty Residence!

Liners are making a comeback! I mean The Beauty Residence is doing it so it must be true! So here I am reviewing a few of my favorite liners in the market, and as usual I’ll keep it short and sweet (for your sake, because I do have the capability of rambling on!) 

So let’s start from top to bottom!

Max Factor colour x-pert: 
These babies are somewhat pigmented (maybe it’s not very pigmented because of the glitters) but they do give a gorgeous color and totally glams up your eyes! After 30 seconds of wait time, I ran my fingers across the swatch and it smudged (that’s not a good thing right?) but maybe that’s because it’s a liquid liner? I sure hope so because the color is soooo pretty! Cleaning it is fairly easy, needed a good rubbing to remove it but still left a discolored trace on my hand! 

Make Up For Ever:
MUFE recently released a bunch of eyeliners that are just incredible (read more about them here) and I picked my favorite one! This beautiful baby is very easy to apply as the tip is a bit thick and rigid (so it doesn’t sway left and right and you end up looking like a cute panda) It also has an amazing matte finish and dries somewhat quickly (still smudged after 30 secs but on a lighter scale than MF’s liner) and while cleaning, it was removed almost instantly! 

Swatched - Top to Bottom 

Clarins Eyeliner: 
This eyeliner is a classic from Clarins with the elegant black and golden packaging, the black finish is also matte and the tip gives so much color making it perfect for creating an intense look. However, it still smudged after 30 secs of waiting time (then again, I’m sure it’s because it’s more of a liquid liner?). And cleaning it was super easy, for with a swipe or two, it was all gone!  

Smudged after 30 secs - Top to Bottom

Gucci Eyeliner: 

This baby reminded me a lot of Marc Jacob’s eyeliner, as the formula was very similar and the pen tip packaging too! However, given my experience with eyeliners, I felt that this had the capability of being all over the place because it’s “too liquid-y” and it’s very hard to clean, BUT it doesn’t smudge (brownie points right there!). Gucci is the one of the newest beauty lines to be released in this region, so I am not giving up on it just yet! I shall give this product another try soon and update you if anything changes! 

Attempt at cleaning it with Bioderma Sensibio H2O - Top to Bottom
Bourjois Clubbing Conture Eyeliners: 
I am in LOVE with how pigmented and easy to apply they are! Maybe because it’s similar to a Kohl format rather than an eyeliner one, making it easier to avoid mistakes. These babies come in a variety of colors, ladies I am talking pink, green/blue, brown, bronze, navy blue and the one swatched here, glittery black! This particular products doesn’t smudge HOWEVER, it is the hardest to remove out of all the eyeliners listed here! Nevertheless, they are perfect for when you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to “draw” your eyes (sounds so weird) plus they come with funky colors! 

Let me know how you rock the eyeliner look! ;) 

MUFE Freedom Palette!

Make Up For Ever is one of the few brands that implemented the freedom eyeshadow palette! What is that you ask? You are able to customize your own palette with either one, two or three colors! With over 210 new colors and 5 textures (matte, satiny, iridescent, diamonds, and metallic) to choose from, the palette combination can be endless! What’s great is that you save money buying just the pots while using the same container for the colors you want with you on the go! And and and, you won’t get bored, because well you know, you will be alternating and all! :) However, if you’re the kind of person that wants things handed to them on a silver-platter (like I do), keep in mind that on the MUFE counters, you will find eye-makeup looks with recommendations on which shadow shade to use, making choose the palette an easier choice. They have simple, metallic and smokey ready looks (I personally LOVED the metallic ones) 

The empty palette costs 30 AED and each Shadow pot costs 85 AED

Tell me what’s your favorite eye-makeup look in the comments! xx 

Do some good this Month! Buy Nail-polish!

So.. October.. As you may all know, or seen, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month! A whole lot brands released limited edition pink products to support this great cause! And Ciate is no different! They released a cute package with two full sized nail polishes, and 10% of all proceeds are donated! They are both pink, but one colored and another glitter-y one! The colored nail polish (in color “Candy Floss”) is very opaque in colors, and two coats is more than enough! The glitter-y one (in color “Funhouse”) has a transparent base, but it does have a glue-y smell and it’s a bit hard to remove (as the case with all glitter-y nail polish).

To give a “gellish” finish to all my nails, I use UNE’s top coat. I love this awesome stuff! and It’s fast-drying too!

Battle of the Mascaras!

Hello gorgeous people, I am here to talk about the top 5 mascaras, but no worries, I won't ramble on, I made it short and sweet! Here it is:

Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara
Wand: It has two wands, end one (spiky plastic bristled brush which helps to elongate the lashes) and end two (soft bristled brush for a glossy finish)
Length and Volume: Each wand is supposed to do a task, however I believe that it's uncalled for as one would've been enough 
Intensity: High intensity, perfect for everyDAY wear
Wearability: Medium Lasting and easy to take off with makeup remover
Packaging: Love the elegant design, hate the fact that it's bulky 
What's special about it: you can use the first wand for a day out, and then get a more intensified lashes at night with wand two

No7 Mascara
Wand: A crazy propellor-like wand (LOVE IT!)
Length and Volume: Medium length and Volume
Intensity: Medium intensity, something for "on-the-go" looks
Wearability: Long lasting yet easy to take off with makeup remover
Packaging: Very regular packaging but smudge-y (ew!) 
What's special about it: Still cray-cray about how amazing the wand is 

Rimmel's Wonder'full Mascara
Wand: Flexible and has comb like bristles 
Length and Volume: It does both, but you do need atleast two coats to achieve that
Intensity: Medium intensity, perfect for everyday wear
Wearability: Long Lasting, no clumping and easy to take off with makeup remover
Packaging: I wish it was a bit more colorful? however, it is sleek. Good enough for me! 
What's special about it: It has Argan Oil. Why should you care? It means that you nourish your lashes WHILE wearing the mascara!

Clarins Mascara
Wand: Soft bristles that gets the job done! 
Length and Volume: serves the volume aspect more than the lengthening one 
Intensity: Medium intensity, making it perfect for the working woman  
Wearability: Lasts a while and easy to take off with makeup remover
Packaging: Very standard, but it's smudgy! Something that my OCD-self cannot tolerate
What's special about it: It doesn't feel heavy on your lashes and doesn't clump

They're Real Mascara
Read all about it here

GUEST BLOG - Destiny Awaits: A Look Into Playstation ME’s Launch Event for Bungie’s Blockbuster

By: Omar Adam

If you’re into gaming at all, you’ve known about Bungie’s newest offering, Destiny, for at least a year now. I think even non gamers would be hard pressed to not have at least glanced at it; the hype machine’s been in full swing, with large posters of the game adorned throughout Electronic Retailers throughout the U.A.E. If reports are true, and Destiny is indeed the most expensive game of all time, then the hype becomes necessary throughout the sales chain, from Activision (who published the game) downwards.

It’s fitting, then, that on Tuesday the 9th of September, Playstation ME held an event to launch the game in the Emirates. The focus was specifically on the PS4 version of Destiny (which comes packed with additional content), with one (yes, just one) mention of its availability on the last gen PS3.

And so, with Opinionated Girl in tow (she was the one actually invited, I was the tag along information machine), we trekked to the Beach Mall in JBR, where PSME had set up the event underneath an outdoor tent opposite Reel Cinemas. Therein, of course, lay the first blunder: an outdoor event? In the sweltering, boiling Dubai heat? Perhaps the thought process was that the access to the large outdoor screen available in the Beach would offset the heat (it didn’t). But it was what it was, and once you got past the steady stream of sweat dripping down your back, the set-up was quite nice; a large seating area surrounded by several booths on which different aspects of Destiny could be observed and played. One booth was for the furious multiplayer offered within Destiny (and this is Bungie we’re talking about, the people that brought us Halo, so you know the multiplayer’s a huge selling point), and another displayed the planet-hopping single player exploration. The final booth was reserved and occupied by several players who we were told were the best FPS (gamer speak for First Person Shooter) team in the region. They seemed to be binging game after game of multiplayer in Destiny’s version of Deathmatch. And it all looked so good. A recurring theme throughout the night.

So, after browsing through the booths, during which time I filled in Opinionated Girl on what Destiny is all about, everyone was asked to sit their sweaty selves down for the feature presentation. We were then shown about 40 minutes’ worth of videos on the big screen, ranging from story trailers to an intro of the three classes of characters. All the footage is available online, save for the special video Bungie sent thanking Dubai fans for their interest in Destiny (a classy move that made the event feel that much more special). Culminating with the excellent, Led Zeppelin-driven Live Action trailer, the presentation segued into a clunky demonstration of the Tower, the main base of operations in Destiny. What was supposed to come next was a demonstration of the multiplayer, as played online by the aforementioned pro-players, but that never got off the ground, as they couldn’t connect to a game. Totally out of PSME’s hands. Blame Bungie’s servers for that one. But then again, the servers were dealing with millions of players worldwide by that point.

The event hosted two giveaways; the big draw was the chance to win the first ever Glacier White Playstation 4 in the UAE, which would be given away at a post-event social. I have to commend the creativity of the giveaway; each goodie bag, which was handed out to all attendees, contained a code. One particular code would open a locked safe at the post-event, in it the beautiful Glacier PS4. Creative and very reminiscent of a gaming experience. The goodie bags themselves were a treat, containing a USB Drive, a Destiny T-shirt, a sleek, metallic box engraved with the name of the attendee, and the pièce de résistance, a limited edition copy of Destiny. Fantastic giveaway, one that definitely eased the painful heat.

Ultimately, I’d say PSME’s event was a success. Poor venue choice and technical problems aside, the launch allowed Destiny to show off, and, par for its course, it showed off well. Even Opinionated Girl was enthralled by what the game had to offer. So hats off to Playstation ME for a job well done, and major thanks for the copy of the game, but let’s all remember a key component of Dubai life: Air Conditioning is our best friend.