Battle of the Mascaras!

Hello gorgeous people, I am here to talk about the top 5 mascaras, but no worries, I won't ramble on, I made it short and sweet! Here it is:

Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara
Wand: It has two wands, end one (spiky plastic bristled brush which helps to elongate the lashes) and end two (soft bristled brush for a glossy finish)
Length and Volume: Each wand is supposed to do a task, however I believe that it's uncalled for as one would've been enough 
Intensity: High intensity, perfect for everyDAY wear
Wearability: Medium Lasting and easy to take off with makeup remover
Packaging: Love the elegant design, hate the fact that it's bulky 
What's special about it: you can use the first wand for a day out, and then get a more intensified lashes at night with wand two

No7 Mascara
Wand: A crazy propellor-like wand (LOVE IT!)
Length and Volume: Medium length and Volume
Intensity: Medium intensity, something for "on-the-go" looks
Wearability: Long lasting yet easy to take off with makeup remover
Packaging: Very regular packaging but smudge-y (ew!) 
What's special about it: Still cray-cray about how amazing the wand is 

Rimmel's Wonder'full Mascara
Wand: Flexible and has comb like bristles 
Length and Volume: It does both, but you do need atleast two coats to achieve that
Intensity: Medium intensity, perfect for everyday wear
Wearability: Long Lasting, no clumping and easy to take off with makeup remover
Packaging: I wish it was a bit more colorful? however, it is sleek. Good enough for me! 
What's special about it: It has Argan Oil. Why should you care? It means that you nourish your lashes WHILE wearing the mascara!

Clarins Mascara
Wand: Soft bristles that gets the job done! 
Length and Volume: serves the volume aspect more than the lengthening one 
Intensity: Medium intensity, making it perfect for the working woman  
Wearability: Lasts a while and easy to take off with makeup remover
Packaging: Very standard, but it's smudgy! Something that my OCD-self cannot tolerate
What's special about it: It doesn't feel heavy on your lashes and doesn't clump

They're Real Mascara
Read all about it here

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