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Here I am again! and this time around I bring you the best fall perfumes!

If you know me, then you know just how much I love collecting perfumes ( I call it a hobby, others call it an addiction :)) ) so any excuse for me to test new perfumes is heaven ;) enough rambling and let’s begin!

First off we have Dare by Guess! The floral-woody-musk composition is
perfect for a jeans and white shirt look with the following notes:
Top: kumquat, lemon blossom and pear blossom,
Middle: cactus blossom, wild rose and elegant jasmine.
Base: Coconut, blond wood and musk. The sillage (the extent of others smelling it) is good but longevity somewhat “eh”; perhaps it’s because it’s an EDT? Still worth carrying in your everyday bag!

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs! We all know what gorgeous packaging the great Sir Jacobs picks so it’s a must-have just to keep on the vanity looking all pretty! The scent in itself is perfect for a day out on the weekend with the girlies. Now onto the notes:
Top: Lemons, Pears, and Blackberry (no, the fruit, not the phone)
Middle: Wisteria, Jasmin, and Litchi
Base: White Wood, Musk, and Coconut.
Weirdly enough, there are no Daisies in any of the notes (Umm?!). Since this is an EDT, longevity is somewhat weak but sillage is moderate to heavy so this one spritz is more than enough.

One of Calvin Klein’s biggest releases this year: REVEAL! Edgy yet Classy. Strong yet Sensual. The bottle is an iconic square one with a silver and transparent parts (hate the fact that the silver part is smudgy though). This perfume is truly one of it’s kind in terms of scents, and here is why. The top notes include White Pepper, Black Pepper, Pink Pepper and Salt (what did I tell you about the uniqueness?) Middle-notes include Iris and Ambergris and Base notes comprise of Sandalwood, Cashmeran, Vetiver and Musk. Now because of the notes and elements, you can imagine how long-lasting it is with amazing sillage!

Narciso Rodriguez For Her
This has to be one of my favorite perfumes EVER! I actually had it on my “wish-list” on Instagram for some time and I finally got it! It’s a classic! That’s really all how I can introduce it! The top notes include Bergamot, African Orange Flower, and Osmanthus. Middle notes have Musk and Amber and the base notes comprise of Vanilla and Vetiver. This is one of the perfumes that are very long lasting with the ability to change scents and shift (LOVE!) and the sillage is high!

The perfume I am about to talk about is a Middle-East exclusive! The Bath and Body Works newly launched Dark Kiss EDP. The Dark Kiss fragrance is a loved one by everyone, especially in GCC, so much so that they decided to launch the EDP exclusively here! What makes this perfume so special are it’s notes with the top ones including Bergamot, Incense, Mirabelle Plum and Blackberry. The middle ones are Amber, Burgundy Rose, Geranium and Peony with a base of Dark Vanilla, Labdanum, Vetiver, Balsams and Musks.It’s a long-lasting scent with a moderate sillage!

So there you have it! That’s my list for fall! Which perfume are you rocking during the sweater-weather? 

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