Katy Perry is one of my favorite singers of all time! (No, I’m not a valley girl or anything, I just really like her music okay?! okay!) and what’s even better is that she is very active in the beauty industry (Beauty Industry = My Heaven) so I literally collect everything Katy Perry! Here is what I have and what I hope to have! 


The Katy Perry Lashes 

I have the “Cool Kitty” lashes, and I got them shipped all the way from the US before I realized they actually sell them here *Face-Palm* but I can’t for the sake of me realize how to put them on! They do come with lash glue and all, so I guess its a good deal for around 32 aed? Still gonna collect the rest. 

The Katy Perry perfumes

K, so I am a total perfume freak, I can never have enough and I go through one bottle a month (minimum), so Katy Perry + Perfumes = MUST. COLLECT. ALL. 

KP has two collections the cat shaped ones, and the jewel shaped ones. I believe the cat shaped ones are pretty old since I can never find them here, so I just started collecting the other ones! and boy oh boy are they pretty! Below are the main accords; they honestly smell somewhat similar, so just pick your favorite and get it, no need for all three

Hope to Have:

The OPI collection she released. I am already a huge fan of the brand OPI so with Katy Perry involved, I must have! It’s kinda old so I’m trying to score a good deal to buy it online but from past experiences, nail-polishes tend to break :/, what’s even worse is that they are named after some of her songs, which makes want to get them even more (I’m sad, I know!) 

And lastly, The Katy Perry doll! I know it’s not in the beauty industry, but it would be the perfect edition to the shrine I’m building her.. Guys, if you know Katy Perry, send her this please? Much appreciated. I hope she doesn’t think I’m a weirdo.. 

Who’s your favorite celebrity? 

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