Everyday Routine and Weekend Pampering

So, I’ve been looking for the perfect skin routine for a while now, and ladies, I am finally comfortable with this one! I have some speed reviews for the the products I am currently using (and loving!)

Everyday Routine!

I start by washing my face with the Purifying Foaming Gel. This product keeps my face squeaky clean and smelling like bubble gum. It’s note as foamy as I would like it to be, but that’s good because it doesn’t get too messy. I also love using it with my trusty Foreo Luna Mini cleanser. After I am done, I use the Sebium Global all over my face, especially at night right before bed because that’s when your skin really absorbs the treatments. This product is great for those little white spots and blackheads that fill our faces because of UAE’s lovely weather. In the morning (or before applying my makeup on, I use the Pore Refiner which acts as a primer that mattifies your face and makes your makeup application absolutely flawless (I got this amazing tip from the lovely Sarah, blogger of BlendsNSmack, check it out here).

Weekend Pampering!

I start with some masks from Montagne Jeunesse, they have a whole lot of masks specified for the different skin issues, but because I have so many issues, I tend to just try them randomly. They definitely feel very natural and gentle on the face, plus the super cute packaging doesn’t harm (right?) then after washing my face, then I apply the Clarins Super Restorative Night Wear, this creamy yet light weight moisturizer is Ah-MAZING, it definitely does its job after putting on a mask for a few minutes, it also has amazing anti-ageing elements, meaning you don’t have to use many products, it is easily absorbed and smells wonderful. Lastly, I apply the new Guerlain Abeille Royale oil concentrated with Ouessant honey. This product makes your skin feel super firm when massaged onto the skin (MAGIC!) but I do it just because I have super dry skin.

What's your skincare routine like? 

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you liked my skincare routine and tried it yourself!!
    I love the Sauna MJ mask, I used to use it a long time ago but I dont know why I stopped. I need to go get myself one for the weekend now :P