WOW by Wojooh - Breath-In Nailpolish

So as you know, Wojooh (previously known as Faces) recently released their own make-up line that is specifically designed for women in this region and what's best is that they released a nail-polish range that's breathable! Which means that you can wear it during "Wothoo2" amazing right?! The staying power is great (5 days) and the opacity is amazing where you get full color with one coat

Below is a swatch (sorry for the ad quality but I haven't had the time to go for a manicure in a while!) stay tuned to my Instagram page for more (proper) swatches

REQUESTED! Make Up For Ever - HD Cream Blush

Some of you requested (on IG and Email) that I review this product and the HD powder (coming up soon) so here it is!

The MUFE blush is full of color and pigmented which gives a lovely cream finish but makes it kind of hard to blend. With this product, a little goes a long way so use it wisely! Now I found that this product is used best when you are doing your conturing rather than a finishing touch (that's when I put my blush) the good thing that it is long-lasting and sustains a sunny day.

Puff Off from Benefit

This newest innovation from Benefit is the under-eye cream "Puff Off", the applicator is actually in the form of a pressing iron that "smoothes" lines. The fact that it's made of metal cools any puffiness. The formula is also very light making it perfect to apply over or under makeup. What's my favorite thing about it though? Doesn't give that shiny and sticky feeling other under-eye creams seem to have! Wonderful product and definitely useful after a long and eventful weekend!

Lacoste and Escada summer scents

The most recent releases from the Lacoste and Escada houses are super summery from scent to bottle. The bottles are both very colorful with the Escada perfume even having an elastic butterfly that can be turned into a ring! Uber cute! The Lacoste perfume bottle is a bright yellow one with a clean design just like their clothes! 

Now onto the actual scent:

Lacoste (L 12 12 Yellow): 
Even though this is for men, it's joyful with top notes consisting of Grapefruit, Pink pepper, and Tonic Water; middle notes are Red Apple and Coriander with the base notes being Cypress, Vetiver, and Amber. It is long lasting and not too prominent when sprayed making it perfect for the day!

Escada (Turquoise Summer):
Every year, Escada launches a limited edition Summer fragrance, and this year, they released the Turquoise Summer. The fragrance opens with pineapple, strawberry and tutti frutti accord, crosses the floral heart and ends with the base of blackcurrant and vanilla.

Perfect for the summer! xx