Make Up For Ever - Step 1 Primers

So MUFE recently launched a primers program that suits different needs and wants; all these primers serve a certain purpose as well as makes your face a smoother canvas that makes your makeup application better with longer lasting results. From the many primers, I got to try out the main four which are:

Nourishing Primer
The nourishing primer has a serum-like formula that has a cooling effect on the face

Hydrating Primer
The hydrating primer has a light and creamy formula that hydrates your face. It definitely keeps your face moisturized and makes your makeup (foundation, concealer..etc) easily blendable

Smoothing Primer
This little tube right here feels more is a dupe for Benefit’s Porefessional with the formula being very similar to it as well as the effect and smell 

Mattifying Primer 
I felt that the mattifying is somewhat similar to the smoothing primer but more blend-able. This primer is perfect for those who want to spend the entire day out with their makeup on and get the least “oily effect” 

Swatches below!

Hydrating - Nourishing - Mattyfying - Smoothing

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