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Everybody take note, Moresque is the new arab perfume of choice if you want a high-quality perfume that fits all your needs. Paying tribute to the classical arabesque perfumes throughout history, Moresque offers a smell that is at once familiar, yet completely innovative. The newest box-set offered contains a variety of perfumes, starting with Tamina, a white-cased perfume that serves as an allegory to the princess and poet Tamina of history. Tamina offers an audacious and sparkly smell that is provided by cashmeran, complimented by a confidence and altruism that is provided by the extra notes eucalyptus applied over a sweet woody base. The next perfume is another white-casing labeled Diadema, which takes its name from diadem, the ancient symbol of nobility. Owing to its name, the perfume offers a luscious and charming smell, caused by its caramel adornment, and adds a layer of sweetness that is offered by its fruity notes. The third white perfume offered is the Moreta, which is named after the Spanish word for seductress. Adorned completely in the smell of beauty and voluptuousness, the perfume uses a combination of elements including Virginian cedarwood and white musk to imbue a charming, fresh and natural charisma into its smell. The box set also offers a black collection that include Al Andalus, Emiro, and Band as its perfumes of choice. Al Andalus, named after the ancient province of the Moores, offers a fiery and seductive scent with a spicy note that is achieved by a combination of saffron, black pepper and ginger. Emiro, named after “Emires”, meaning monarchs, provides a scent of royalty, power, freedom, and prestige. Emiro accomplishes a complex, rich note through elements such as oud, leather, and amber that mix to create a multi-layered smell. Rand, named in tribute to the desert flower, offers a more floral-oriented smell in honor of its name. Emire uses a powedery iris that is mixed with fruity, floral, and rosy notes to reaffirm its tenacity and dignity. The last perfume offered by the box set is the Aristoqrati, which encapsulates the aristocratic and royal dynasty of the Middle East. The perfume provides a journey of sophistication and nobility that synergize together through the combination of Vetiver and geranium, along with many other elements that create a royal scent for a royal user.

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