Rediscovering Past Loves - Dare by Guess

For every beauty fanatic out there, do you also sometimes feel "okay" about a product, but then after a while you rediscover it and it reminds you of an awesome time or suddenly you like the way it feels/looks on you?  that happened to me with Dare by Guess! I had totally forgot about it, buried in one of my drawers until I was doing "Fall Cleaning" and I found it! Ahhh sweet times! The floral-woody-musk composition is perfect for a jeans and white shirt look and below is the technicality side of it!

Top: kumquat, lemon blossom and pear blossom, 
Middle: cactus blossom, wild rose and elegant jasmine.
Base: Coconut, blond wood and musk. The sillage (the extent of others smelling it) is good but longevity somewhat “eh”; perhaps it’s because it’s an EDT? Still worth carrying in your everyday bag! 

The Mask Craze!

Sheet Face Masks! Almost every is obsessed with it and I am one of those people. Do you know why? THEY ARE MADE FOR LAZY/BUSY PEOPLE and I am both these things :) always looking for the easy way out when it comes to skincare. The great things about Face Masks is that they usually don’t need rinsing! So you put it on, relax, take it off, throw it, and VOILA! Piece of cake. 

There are two types of masks, fiber sheets and jelly ones that feel like another layer of skin. I like them both but for different reasons. Two of my Favorite masks recently are the Sephora one ingredient-infused mask and WHEN one purpose mask!

Sephora Fiber Masks: 
Let me start by saying is that these masks are so colorful making it fun to buy - you feel like a kid in a candy store. There are different colors with one hero ingredient (ex. Green with Green Tea) and each one has 2 targets that it tackles best (ex. Mattifying and Anti-Blemish). Below is a graph of each color, ingredient and target. 

They also recently released the eye masks and a sleep-in mask (spread). What’s great about these masks is that you they are light to use so if you’re above 16, you should be good to go (don’t quote me on that :p) and they are okay on the pocket at 20 aed each - also what’s great is that every once in a while, Sephora do awesome offers on them. They recently had a 3 for 2 promo, and boy did I load up! My faves are Pomegranate, Pearl and Green Tea. I am yet to try the eye and sleep-in ones. Only 15 mins are needed in these. 

WHEN masks: 
These masks have a Jelly texture making it feel like another layer of skin! They use bio-cellulose and materials made from coconuts. These masks are used more for those with sensitive skin and you need to keep it on for 30-mins. They have 5 types of masks, for brightening, refreshing, restoring, hydrating, and prep-ing for heavy makeup wear (bridal). They all come in one set for 159 AED, making it about 32 AED/Mask. Since they are slightly more expensive, and need 30 mins of wear, it would be more suitable to use for a special occasion? 

Did you ladies join in the craze of face masks too?

*WHEN masks were given to me as a PR Sample but my opinions are a 100%!

New Sephora Innovations!

I was recently invited for a the new Sephora collection preview, and let me tell you ladies.. you better start saving up! Two products that stood out are the below!

Sephora - Contouring 101
4-in-1 affordable palette that has a highlighter, sculptor, bronzer, and powder! Perfect for traveling and when blended all together, can be used as a natural bronze-y blush!

Beauty Blender - Blotterazi
I think we now all have one of the various beauty blenders and we love the creativity of the concept.. right? So the BB people came up with another innovation! In-disposable (is that a word) blotting sponges that allows you to soak up shine while rearranging your makeup! Perfect for the Middle-East weather?

I believe these will be available by the end of October or beginning of November!

Rimmel - Super Curler Mascara - Review

If you are the type of girl that hates using lash curlers (but does anyway) then you will be happy with Rimmel's newest mascara release "Super Curler”! This mascara has a special formula that lets the individual lash hair curl upwards (you can try it on a paper’s corner and see for yourself the result). It keeps your lashes curled up for the long haul so its great for long days! One thing I didn’t like about it is that it doesn’t really give that much volume, making it suitable for a day outing! Will I keep using it? for sure.. does it make the top ten mascara list? Maybe top 20.. - My ultimate favorite mascara from Rimmel remains Scandal Eyes Rockin Curves (read full review here)

KVD is now in UAE!

Few artists out there are as inspiring as Kat Von D. Born in Mexico in 1982, Kat Von D crawled her way to the top of the tattoo world through her hit syndicated TV shows, “Miami Ink” and “L.A. Ink”, centering on her and her talented partners in the tattoo industry. In addition to her TV fame, Katherine has also launched a highly successful make-up brand and writing a best-selling book. Katherine’s accomplishments have launched her to the top of the beauty world and has gotten her acquainted with a bevy of celebrities and media icons, cementing her place in the history books of beauty manufacturers.
Kat Von D is launching her make-up line exclusively at Sephora Middle East, and it features a collection of highly unique and excellent products. Using her inspiration of the contrast between light and shadow, Katherine’s contour collection offers a number of choices for you to conceal and control your skin in any way you please, turning the body into a canvas and using her make-up as the paint.
The collection features such best-selling products as the Everlasting Liquid Lip-stick, which uses vitamins A, C, and E to add hydration and give lips a high-lasting, highly saturated color. The set also feature the Shade + Light Eye Contouring Palette, which uses inspiration from Kat’s sketch work and three color quads containing large base shades, to create the first eye shadow palette for eye contouring.  Meanwhile, the Tattoo Liner achieves eye perfection using high-pigment, waterproof liner and a superfine, flexible brush tip to create a unique look for your eyes. Finally, her foundation accomplishes flawless coverage that is used to even the complexion and hide any imperfection in the skin. With products like these, one can easily see how Kat Von D has become the superstar of the beauty world.