New Sephora Innovations!

I was recently invited for a the new Sephora collection preview, and let me tell you ladies.. you better start saving up! Two products that stood out are the below!

Sephora - Contouring 101
4-in-1 affordable palette that has a highlighter, sculptor, bronzer, and powder! Perfect for traveling and when blended all together, can be used as a natural bronze-y blush!

Beauty Blender - Blotterazi
I think we now all have one of the various beauty blenders and we love the creativity of the concept.. right? So the BB people came up with another innovation! In-disposable (is that a word) blotting sponges that allows you to soak up shine while rearranging your makeup! Perfect for the Middle-East weather?

I believe these will be available by the end of October or beginning of November!

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