Rediscovering Past Loves - Dare by Guess

For every beauty fanatic out there, do you also sometimes feel "okay" about a product, but then after a while you rediscover it and it reminds you of an awesome time or suddenly you like the way it feels/looks on you?  that happened to me with Dare by Guess! I had totally forgot about it, buried in one of my drawers until I was doing "Fall Cleaning" and I found it! Ahhh sweet times! The floral-woody-musk composition is perfect for a jeans and white shirt look and below is the technicality side of it!

Top: kumquat, lemon blossom and pear blossom, 
Middle: cactus blossom, wild rose and elegant jasmine.
Base: Coconut, blond wood and musk. The sillage (the extent of others smelling it) is good but longevity somewhat “eh”; perhaps it’s because it’s an EDT? Still worth carrying in your everyday bag! 

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