Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

Ever since the Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick came out, and I've had a love/hate relationship with it mainly because I was turned off by the way it smells and the fact that it’s too smooth on the lips. After a few months (end of December 2014), Bourjois released 4 nude shades and so I got intrigued to try them out again, and it was around that time too when matte and liquid lipstick were becoming a “thing” and that’s  when I started my explicit love story with the Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks.

They have 15 shades that were released throughout the 2 years ranging from Reds to Fuchsia to Neutrals. 

Red/Dark Shades: 



The darker shades, I feel get too messy and tend to bleed, whereas the Neutrals go on very smoothly and last a long time. They are not transfer-free but they also don’t fade. 

My Favourite shade would have to be 07 - I literally have around 3 pcs (one in my makeup bag, one backup and one at the office) - it’s a beautiful mauve, muted pink that will go perfectly with all looks. 

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Winner of the Wojooh Competition!

Hi everyone! If you followed my story on Instagram you will know what happened! In a nutshell, I got hacked.. twice.. hence the delay in picking the winner. I used the to pick the winner of this competition to make it fair and legit to everyone... For all big giveaways, I will be using this randomizer if you guys like it! So let me know :)

And don't worry if you didn't win this time! I am arranging for plenty of giveaways coming up in March and April!