Abra-cada-brow! By Benefit

So Benefit recently launched an entire new collection dedicated specifically for the eyebrows! Now you might ask yourselves, why is that a big deal? I mean most brands now has an eyebrow care line. However, you need to know that as a brand, Benefit, always ensures that it's products are made for the everyday girl with the everyday problem, and they design their products in a way that makes it easy to use even for the amateur-est beginner. This time around they launched more than 10 different products with most of them containing at least 3 shades to match different hair colors! Now I am not the hugest eyebrow freak because they are well shaped in my opinion (THANK YOU BENEFIT BROW BAR!) but sometimes they need to be more defined and a little bit filled around the edges. So here are some of the products that I tried and what I thought about them from the range!

The first product is the Eyebrow Primer!  (and I was mostly excited about this one because there is absolutely NO WAY you can mess using it up since it's a gel and all!). So what this does is that it primes your brows (Duh!), conditions the hairs thanks to the Keratin in it, gives your brows a fuller look, and most importantly prolongs the wear of other eyebrow products. So I would safely assume that this is the first product you use.

The second product is the Brow Pencil (Available in 6 shades). Now what's great is that it comes equipped with a spoolie to untame those brows and a fine fine fine (have I mentioned fine?) pigmented tip that helps define the brows, and fill it in a little with some strokes? Now like I mentioned, I have defined brows, so I didn't really feel the need to use this products except for like a gigantic fancy party where the eyebrows had to be super on fleek! Personally, I wouldn't be able to justify using it for a daily makeup routine, but hey that's just me liking super quick and on the go solutions to eyebrows.

The third product would have to be the Gimme Brow (Available in 3 shades). I would say this is probably an eyebrow mascara that contains fiber gels to add more volume and depth to your brows. Given that all you have to do is just give your brows a little stroke, I was absolutely stoked about this product! It's water resistant (thank God for that considering how hot it is in the GCC), it is buildable so you can intensify your look based on your preference, and conditions the brows thanks to the Vitamin B5.

And last but not least, the ka-BROW (Available in 6 shades). Okay, this little baby had all the youtubers and bloggers of the world going cray cray over how good it is, so given that I have a severe case of FOMO, I decided to give it a try. And it is Ah-Maz-Ing! What it is is basically a creamy and gel(-y?) brow color that lets you draw perfectly perfect arches. It is definitely a more heavy duty product that needs some practice to get it perfectly done but also, a little product goes a long way so even if you do end making a mistake, you won't be losing much product when you are restarting the process. Also, I don't think it's the kind of product that you would use everyday for soft looks but rather save it for those night outings.

I would surely recommend trying this lovely new collection out, but before doing that, PLEASE make sure that you get a consultations with one of their brow-wizs' on which product is made for what purpose given that it's a huge selection that can be overwhelming. Their brow technicians are seriously brilliant and I make sure to always get my brows done there and no where else,, and if not for anything then for at least the pain free experience (Thread?! Never Again! ). Go to Sephora in Ibn Battuta and ask for Mylene! She's my Fave! Last time I wanted to go though she was on maternity leave (Congrats on your baby girl!!) so I am currently rocking two thick moustache(s) above my eyes.


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