Depending on the value* of the sponsorship, here is what we can provide: 

Sponsored Competitions, which can be in the form of (one or more) the following:
- Q & A (Videos, Pictures.. etc)
- Linking to your social media 
- Finding the error in a certain review (which will compel participants to read)

Product/Service Reviews*:
- Products must be sent to editor for credibility reasons 
- Services need to be tried out before a post is written 
- Reviews will be marked as sponsored for credibility reasons

Shoutouts on Social Media: 
- Ongoing relationship between editor and sponsors will allow for product-free shoutouts on social media 

- Widget display for a specific brand promotion on weekly basis can be provided
- Contact for further details 

* I do not entertain product reviews and advertising opportunities in exchange for money
** Statistics are displayed on the sidebar of the website (weekly unique visitors)
Contact: pr@opinionatedgirl.com 

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